July 30, 2020
Ray-Pec Parents,

Recently, our administrative team gave an update of our school reentry planning process to the Board of Education at its July board meeting. In summary, we discussed the planning that has been accomplished to date and some of the more challenging aspects of developing the reentry plan that still exist. There are several issues that we are still working through. Many of the issues, quite frankly, do not have a simple nor elegant solution. I invite you to view the presentation we made to the Board that evening.

Given the uncertainty of how the coronavirus may spread during the fall semester, the Ray-Pec team has been busy planning for a variety of scenarios. One thing I want to say upfront is that I could not be more pleased with how everyone has responded to the challenge at hand. During all of the planning to identifying the pros and cons of each scenario, the team has tried their best to develop a plan that meets these two objectives: One, we want t o provide an in-person learning experience for as many students/parents who want it for as long as we can, while providing a reasonable risk reduction strategy for all. Two, we want to provide a rigorous and relevant virtual instruction experience for those students/parents who are desirous of that experience. 

As we get into the fall semester, it is evident that there may be the potential for frequent transitions between in-person and distance learning for those students who selected the in-person option. We will default to the guidance of the Cass County Health Department (CCHD) to direct us if a positive case of COVID-19 should occur in our schools. The CCHD will guide us as to who needs to be either isolated or quarantined, and for how long, in each positive case. The CCHD will also guide us in the recommendation for classroom, school or district closure. If recommended, we will make the transition to temporary distance learning, as we reported in past emails to you. I want you to be keenly aware of and prepared for this possibility. To our parents who work outside of the home, there is the potential for extended classroom, school or district closures throughout the school year. Please think about personal contingency planning should an extended classroom, school or district closure become necessary.

We will work with the CCHD to try to keep closures to a minimum. However, if it is in the best interests of public health to close a classroom, school, or the district for a period of time, we will do so. You and your children can help in this process by adhering to recommended practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As I said in an earlier email to you, these plans represent our current thinking with the information we have available. Many things can change between now and August 24. We will keep you informed of any changes to these plans that are caused by COVID-19 circumstances.

Thank you for your grace and patience as move through this process together,

Mike Slagle

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