Have you considered the critical role that system volume plays in the leaf gas exchange measurement process?
Advantages of Small System Volume

While size and portability are important factors in determining which portable photosynthesis system is right for your field research, have you evaluated the role that system volume plays in the measurement process?

Size and chamber volume are critically important for rapid, accurate measurement of leaf gas exchange. Small system volume ensures faster equilibration time and the ability to keep flow rates low.

Why Does Flow Rate Matter?

Low flow rates provide higher CO 2 differentials and improved signal-to-noise ratio - both considered paramount when it comes to data quality.

IRGA-in-the-head systems can provide fast equilibration with higher flow rates or high CO 2 differentials with lower flow rates, but they cannot do both.

The CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System provides both and is designed with the high-level field researcher in mind.

How does your system compare? 
See real-time measurements in seconds with the lightweight & compact CIRAS-3!

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