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Reinvent Your Yard with Ideas from the Virtual WaterWise Landscape Tour
Put the car keys down and keep your slippers on for this virtual WaterWise Landscape Tour experience. Each week in October, we bring you a new tour of a WaterWise yard complete with plant list and interactive activity. Discover attractive, drought-tolerant plants while Plano residents share their journey to creating a WaterWise landscape and provide you a look at the finished project. Hear about their challenges, successes and words of wisdom. Whether your yard is sunny, shady or somewhere in between, our video tours and exclusive content helps you meet your sustainable landscaping goals.

Stay tuned to Live Green in Plano’s Facebook page and to the WaterWise Landscape webpage to join in the virtual fun. We look forward to “seeing” you on the Virtual WaterWise Landscape Tour! 
Make Getting Fit a Family Challenge
Get the family up and moving as we head into National Family Health & Fitness Day on Saturday, Sept. 26. Inspire others to get healthy with your “Play in Plano” photos during our Fit Family Challenge now through Sept. 26! Follow Plano Parks & Recreation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and share photos and short video clips of your family engaged in healthy activity. Don’t forget the hashtag #playinplano!

Sign up for Oak Point Recreation Center’s virtual challenges! Consider adding one of these activities to your fitness plan and earn a t-shirt: 
  • Tri in Plano (Course #34086): This self-paced virtual triathlon has two youth and three adult categories. Complete this cumulative distance challenge indoor, outdoor or both by Oct. 31.  
  • Fit in Plano Swim Challenge (Course #34057): Elevate your daily exercise program with this swimming challenge! In 8 weeks, complete either 40, 80 or 100 miles. This challenge begins Sunday, Sept. 27 and ends Sunday, Nov. 22.  

NOTE: Currently, you must be a member of a recreation center to use the facility. 
Two Bats Test Positive for Rabies
Over the last week, we’ve had two cases where bats tested positive for rabies in Plano. “These positive tests highlight the importance of being cautious around wildlife and always reporting any contact with them,” said Jamey Cantrell, director of Plano Animal Services. “It also shows why it’s so important to keep all pet vaccinations current, especially rabies. There is no way to predict when a pet may come into contact with a wild animal.” Texas law and Plano city ordinances require animals receive rabies inoculations, along with subsequent booster shots, for the duration of the animal’s life. 

Rabies can be contracted by humans when bitten by an infected animal. The five high risk non-domestic animals are bats, foxes, skunks, coyotes and raccoons. 

World Rabies Day is Monday, Sept. 28. It's time to “Collaborate, Vaccinate.” The simple goal is to stop rabies in its tracks by 2030. Do your part to eliminate rabies, vaccinate your pet. Low-cost clinics offer vaccines for as little as $5 per dog or cat. 

Together we can keep people and pets safe. Always have your pet current on rabies vaccinations. 

Due Thursday, Sept. 24

Has your neighbor or neighborhood done something special for you? Show us by joining our Photo Competition! Submit an original photo to best@plano.gov for a chance to win a gift card. The winning photo will be announced Monday, Sept. 28 on National Good Neighbor Day!

Only one week remains to contribute to the annual Collin County Peanut Butter Drive. Help us reach our 220,000-pound goal to feed local hungry children.  

Friday, Oct. 16, 8:30 p.m. 
Saturday, Oct. 17, 7:30, 9 & 10:30 p.m. 

Experience the haunted past of Historic Downtown Plano as we take you into new locations, including private homes, off the beaten path and not accessible to walking tours. Just one ticket includes Zoom admission for everyone in your home, plus a tour manifesto with keepsakes mailed to your address. 

$15 per digital ticket 

If you plan to vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 3 Election, be sure to register by Monday, Oct. 5. You only need to register one time. Early voting in Texas is Tuesday, Oct. 13 through Friday, Oct. 30.

Get more details from Collin County
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