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Stay Safe and Be Smart as Events and Classes Return in July
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: June 23, 2020

The City of Plano encourages you to Stay Safe and Be Smart as we move forward with reopening facilities and restarting programs. Use smart health strategies to protect yourself, your family and our community. 
Plano Event Center Reopens July 1 
Plano Event Center reopens for business on Wednesday, July 1. Find details on rentals, floor plans and a calendar of upcoming events at planoeventcenter.org.
Plano Stages Reopens July 1 
As of Wednesday, July 1, doors reopen at Plano’s great stages: Amphitheater at Oak Point, Cox Playhouse and the Courtyard Theater. Find a show and support our terrific arts community.
Outdoor Group Exercise Park Permits Resume July 1 
Plano’s Parks are resume outdoor exercise programs starting Wednesday, July 1. For guidelines and details, contact Terrance Wright at 972-941-7277 or terrancew@plano.gov.  

Recreation Classes Resume July 6 
Give your quarantine 15 pounds the boot with Plano Parks & Recreation. In-person recreation center programming begins Monday, July 6. Classes are limited but include swim lessons, fitness classes, water aerobics, art classes and more. Plano Parks & Recreation has a plan to protect the health and safety of the public and staff. Find your next class. If you have questions about a specific class, call the recreation center where the class is held.

Also on July 6, these facilities will be open to daily guests as well as members. Check planoparks.org for facility hours and services offered at:
Plano Public Library Offers Browse, Grab and Go Starting July 6  
Plano Public Library reopens its doors on Monday, July 6 for Browse, Grab and Go service. You’ll be able to stop in to browse the collection, select your own materials and check yourself out. Occupancy limits will be in place to make sure everyone has a chance to browse safely. Computer access continues to be offered on a two-hour reservation-based system. You’ll also be able to donate materials to the library and lobby sales will resume. The library continues to offer great online programming and porchside pickup service for patrons. Our plan to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff includes a 72-hour “quarantine” on returned materials. Get details at planolibrary.org. 
Interurban Museum Opens July 11 
The Interurban Museum reopens to visitors on Saturday, July 11. Hours of operation are only 1-5 p.m. Saturday with no weekday hours. Learn more about the Interurban Museum.
Make Jack Carter Pool Reservations Beginning June 27
Jack Carter Pool reopens Monday, June 29 (reservations begin June 27). Find pool hours and reserve a spot prior to your visit. 
Learn the latest on City service updates and find fun online programs
on the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on plano.gov .
Play in the Park Goes Virtual
Join us virtually for Play in the Park every Thursday at 9 a.m. starting July 2. Sherry Barnum from Oak Point Recreation Center brings you fun games and challenges to get your heart rate going! Any equipment needed for challenges or activities will be sent by email the day before we go live. Registration is free and a Zoom link will be provided. There are prize drawings at the end of the summer. Be sure to register and join us each week!
Gear Up for a Safer Summer Barbecue
The sweet, smoky smell of grilled food and great times is upon us. Warmer temperatures always increase the risk of foodborne illness. No one wants to be sick after a great meal, so keep yourself and your family healthy with these food safety tips from Foodsafety.gov

If you're dining al fresco:  
  • Use an insulated cooler filled with ice or frozen gel packs. Frozen food can also be used as a cold source. 
  • Keep cold food cold. This includes raw meat, poultry and seafood; deli and luncheon meats or sandwiches; summer salads (tuna, chicken, egg, pasta or seafood); cut up fruits and vegetables; and perishable dairy products. 
  • Reload the cooler. A full cooler maintains cold temperature longer than one partially filled.  
  • Keep your cooler out of direct sun and avoid opening it repeatedly so food stays colder longer. 

If you're making food: 
  • Use separate cutting boards and utensils for raw meat and ready-to-eat items like vegetables or bread. 
  • Keep perishable food cold until it is ready to cook. 
  • Use a food thermometer to make sure meat and poultry is cooked to safe minimum internal temperatures: 
  • Beef, pork, lamb and veal (steaks, roasts and chops): 145 F with a 3-minute rest
  • Ground meats: 160 F 
  • Whole poultry, poultry breasts and ground poultry: 165 F 
  • Get a clean plate and tongs for serving cooked food. Never reuse items touched by raw meat to serve cooked food. 
When we get to host family and friends again:  
  • Perishable food should not sit out for more than two hours. In hot weather (above 90 F), food should NEVER sit out for more than one hour. 
  • Serve cold food in small portions and keep the rest in a cooler.  
  • After cooking meat and poultry on the grill, keep it hot (140 F or warmer) until served. 
  • Keep hot food hot by setting it to the side of the grill rack, not directly over the coals where they could overcook. 

July 3-5

Great news, trash and recycling collections will not be affected by the July Fourth holiday this year. However, some city facilities are closed to recognize the holiday on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4. 

Due Friday, Aug. 14

Prepare your neighborhood group’s Fall 2020 application for the Neighborhood Vitality and Beautification Grant program. The City provides matching grants to groups interested in building strong relationships around a community-driven beautification project.  
Police and community relations have been at the forefront of national conversation. Plano Police Chief Ed Drain visits the #podcast to talk about the department’s philosophy and policies. Hosts Steve Stoler and Shannah Hayley also talk about reopenings and events in the COVID-19 new normal. 
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