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Spring is the time of plans and projects.  -Leo Tolstoy

CO-OP has some exciting news, happenings and projects to share with you. Spring has sprung and we are thinking about new beginnings!

Looking Ahead
The CO-OP Board of Directors met in mid-March to initiate CO-OP's 2016 strategic planning activities. The end result will be a strategic plan to guide our growth over the next three years. According CO-OP's Governance Committee Chair, Dr. Darlene Boroviak, "Working on the next strategic plan for CO-OP gives us a chance to recommit to our vision of service to the community and to discover new and exciting ways to move the agency forward as we fulfill our mission."  

We have an exciting future! 
Bustin' at the Seams!
CO-OP's new three-year Property Plan is focusing our efforts on accommodating the agency's continued growth and expansion. This includes new residential properties, new land to build on, and newly renovated facilities where we already exist. Stay tuned for more and we'll update you as we grow!
So much to do, so little time... 

This winter was so mild compared with last year when we used six tons of rock salt to keep us from slipping and sliding.

While we may have taken a step backward with an April snowstorm, we are still planning for spring and cleanup has begun. We were able to start one month earlier than last year; although, sprucing up 19 homes and 4 day centers i s no small task!

Thanks for making this happen, Dave Wilding and John World!

And now for some program news...

Longwood Symphony Orchestra visits CO-OP
It wasn't the spring birds we heard in February--but it was equally beautiful. A string quartet from Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO) performed at our Ingell Street, Taunton, site through the LSO on Call program.  LSO’s musicians are primarily healthcare professionals from Boston’s leading hospitals and universities, many of whom pursued music studies before turning to medicine. (Follow the above link to see a clip of this performance.)

The quartet was made up of Colin Fadzen, a student in the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD program; William Joo who received a Ph.D. in Neurosciences from Stanford University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University studying the genetics and neurobiology of sleep; Johnny Mok,  a prize-winning cellist who is currently earning a Masters of Music degree at The Boston Conservatory; and Iris Otani, LSO principal violinist and in training at Massachusetts General Hospital to be an internal medicine doctor specializing in the treatment of allergic and immunologic diseases.

According to Bill Corbett, President and CEO of CO-OP, “LSO on Call brought beautiful music to all of us at CO-OP. We are impressed not only by the quality of the music and the many talents exhibited by these young musicians but also by their willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to join us in Taunton.”  
Music 4 CO-OP
We, Too, are Making Music!

As always, Music 4 CO-OP participants are making music at Somerset Avenue. Not only does the CO-OP choir and various other vocal groups meet each week to sing, we have a group learning the art of songwriting and a group learning the skills needed by audio engineers. This all happens with a combination of individual and group training. 

This spring, our aspiring artists are in the throes of writing songs for a Holiday 2016 CD with all music written, performed, and recorded by Music 4 CO-OP members.  Many of these original holiday songs are now complete and auditions for performers will be held in the coming weeks.

Perhaps a star will be born!
Spring Painting With a Twist
A group of folks at CO-OP Dighton program location decided on a spring project of their own. They planned a project from start to finish to create a space that will bring joy and inspiration as we start our days.

Supplies were gathered, friends came together, and we all got to work.

Everyone found the task that was just right for them.

Thanks, Cassie, for painting those high spots; Jason for such care in the corners; and Dan and Christine for all that elbow grease!    

There were so many others who helped prepare the walls, buy supplies, paint, clean up and--best of all--celebrate a job well done. 

With a little bit of paint, creativity, and hard work by our folks, we now have a very cool inspiration wall. Let's give some kudos to the team!

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Spotlight:  Sandy Rubin, RN
Our camera-shy nurse Sandy Rubin, RN has been with CO-OP for more than two decades and splits her time between the Norton and Ingell Street Day habilitation programs. Shortly after graduating from nursing school, Sandy found her niche in working with those with developmental and other disabilities—and we are happy she did! 

Early in her career, Sandy was with Cardinal Cushing General Hospital, now Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lakeville Hospital and the state school system. According to Sandy, thanks to medical advances, today we see a much higher level of care. With that, people live longer, and are afforded a high quality of life. Sandy sees this in her practice every day. According to Christine DePaula, Program Manager, at CO-OP Ingell Street, “Sandy’s longevity working with people with special needs is a testament to her character.  Her skills as a nurse and compassion as a person is a winning combination.” 

While Sandy is quick to give credit to the staff at CO-OP, we send that compliment right back at her. She inspires us with a long-standing commitment to those in her care and for creating the atmosphere of respect and courtesy that we all deserve. Perhaps we can coax her to stay another 20 years!

Let's Get Digital
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