Dear Ramah Families,

We share the video above to provide you with an update on our plans for this coming Kayitz (summer). We remain optimistic about hosting camp this summer. While California residential camps do not yet have government approval to operate, if and when we receive permission from the State and County, we are confident in our planning and ability to operate responsibly. We are working with medical experts and camping professionals to create a safe environment for our campers and staff.
See below for details on protocols that we are developing to ensure a safe and fun summer for your children. Please know that, as is customary these days, we anticipate that there will likely be adjustments to what we are sharing today. In the coming months, we will continue to communicate our plans through emails and town halls. You can always get up-to-date information by checking our COVID FAQ page.
Rabbi Joe & Ariella

We anticipate that we will have a mostly closed campus. Our staff will arrive early to quarantine, and outside visitors will likely not be permitted. 

During camp, campers will be placed in small groups, or pods, within their edah, age group. We know that there may be a chance to relax these restrictions to some extent towards the later part of the sessions; however, we haven’t determined those benchmarks yet. 

Both masks and social distancing will play a role at camp this summer. Campers will not need to mask when they are in their bunks or tents, but campers will need to wear masks when moving throughout camp.

Like most summers, so much of our programming will take place outdoors - this year that may include meals as well. To accommodate smaller sized groups, our daily schedule and regular programming will likely be modified. 

We are updating our practices and facilities to safely provide both routine medical care and any necessary COVID-19 screening or care.

After so many months at home, we know that the mental, emotional, and social health of our campers and staff will need extra attention and understanding this summer. Our camper care team, led by Dr. Aviva Levine Jacobs, our Director of Camper Care and Staff Wellness, is hard at work preparing to sensitively support our community in a variety of ways.

Prior to arrival at camp, campers will be required to get Covid tested. We are also considering requesting a quarantine period for campers before their session begins. 
In addition to pre-camp Covid testing, we anticipate screening tests every few days throughout the first weeks of camp while we are establishing our camp bubble. We will also use a combination of daily symptom screening and periodic testing throughout the session to ensure that our camp remains safe. 

In place of offering 2-week sessions for 3rd–6th graders throughout the summer, we have limited these sessions to the first two weeks of 1st session and the first two weeks of 2nd session. This change allows us to maintain a bubble that is as closed as possible.

We are continuing to review if we will need to make additional adjustments to the summer calendar or to change specific session dates to ensure that our staff and campers have the safest experiences.

At this time, we know that the likelihood of a Covid vaccine being available for children prior to summer is low. We will continue to monitor the availability of vaccines for our staff and campers 16 years old and older. We are highly recommending that those who are eligible receive the vaccine when it is available.

If you are within driving distance, it is possible that you may be asked to drive your camper to Ojai. For those families who live further, we are monitoring guidelines and recommendations and will update you with plenty of time to plan your transportation options.
TIKVAH: Amitzim and Ezra

We are working on assuring a safe and fun camp experience for our campers and staff with disabilities. For specific Amitzim and/or Ezra related questions, please feel free to reach out to Elana Naftalin-Kelman, our Tikvah director at