May 7, 2020
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Our Hearts Remain Open

Maintaining a connection with you in our daily meditations is a true gift. We are so appreciative of our online community that continues to support the Center by participating in our upcoming offerings.

As we move through this period of being "safer at home," the Board along with staff are beginning to discuss the logistics of reopening... when and how to re-open to our guests?

Several factors will contribute to our ability to reopen for onsite programs, however we are able to open for private retreats sooner. Our first concern is maintaining the safety of our guests . The governor’s mandate is still in place until May 26. We continue to abide by this order. Another factor is that once the ban is lifted will you, our retreatants and guests, be willing to register and return to our campus? Having discussed this with our presenters, we have developed a plan to again provide onsite retreats beginning in June.
With an understanding of the tentative nature of a June re-opening date for the Center, we are sharing with you our onsite scheduled retreats for June and July, as well as our upcoming online retreat experiences. Please note that the onsite schedule may change or be cancelled depending upon Public Health recommendations and future directives from the Governor’s office.

If you see a program of interest, it would be extremely helpful if you would consider registering early. Obviously attendance will gauge whether the Center can afford to re-open. If the seminar you choose is cancelled for Public Health reasons or low attendance, your deposit will be refunded or credited to your account.

Please know that our hearts remain open to you, while we await your safe return.
Kathleen Yosko
Executive Director
Open for Private or Family Retreats
Beginning May 15, 2020

We are pleased that we are now able to safely offer private retreats in our modern hermitages.

As you are aware the Christine Center has suspended onsite programs and private retreats since March 17 in an effort to protect the safety and well-being of our staff and visitors.

Although we are temporarily closed to visitors and most of our dedicated staff have been furloughed, the Center continues to incur operating expenses. With little incoming revenue, maintaining the campus as well as the home where the Sisters reside is indeed a challenge. Therefore, we are extending an appeal to the friends of the Christine Center in order to assure the Center’s viability not only for ourselves, but for those who are yet to come.

Please consider an online gift of $50.00, $100.00 or the amount you can afford by clicking below.

We hold you in our hearts and prayers with much gratitude for your continued generosity
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual guidance is a wonderful support on our personal journeys. A time for deep reflection and approaching the sacred; the presence of a trusted friend and guide offers an oasis for our contemplation.

In this time of physical separation, our Sisters are available to you for spiritual guidance by Zoom or Phone.
Contact us to connect with one of our spiritual directors
Phone: 715-267-7507
Volunteer Opportunity
We have noticed recently that our website is not refreshing with new information. This is requiring that visitors refresh their browser when visiting the site.

The pages being updated most often are the home page, Calendar, and online retreat experiences, as well as some of the detailed program pages. Each of these may require a "refresh" to display new information.
Volunteers are as much a part of the history of the center as the grounds that we walk and the walls that shelter us. In this time of closure, there are other volunteer needs that have arisen.

If you are comfortable with Zoom technology and providing online presence and assistance, you may be able to help from where you are! Contact Valerie Haberman to find out about the volunteer needs and online volunteer program.
Valerie Haberman
Program Director
On-Site Retreats
Wake up the Writer Within

Facilitated by Joanne Nelson of Wake Up the Writer Within, LLC
June 19-21, 2020 (Friday through Sunday)
$150, plus meals and lodging

Awaken and transform your writing

Wake up your writing! Combine the art of paying close attention with guided exercises and techniques that will transform your projects. Appropriate for beginners and experienced writers, all that is necessary is the curiosity to listen deeply to yourself, the desire to pay close attention, and a willingness to explore your imagination. Sharing of class writing is completely optional.

Reawaken your creative, intuitive self through guided exercises, discussion, and reflection

Enjoy time to relax, restore, and re-story
The Joy of Movement: A Benefit for the Christine Center

with Bill Miller
June 19-21, 2020 (Friday through Sunday)
$150, plus meals and lodging

Finding strength and balance in life, both physically and emotionally, can be challenging for all of us. Finding a weekend retreat that addresses strength and physical and emotional balance may be just what you need!

Those who might benefit from this retreat include younger people, older people, people with MS, Parkinson’s or other movement disorders; all looking for a gentle but effective approach to improving their physical and emotional well-being.

This retreat will take practitioners through a series of simple strength and
balance exercises, yoga with simple breath practices and meditation
techniques. The strength and balance exercises will be done using body
weight only with no need for strength training equipment. The yoga practices are simple and easily adapted to fit the needs of each practitioner. Yoga practices will include postures that may, when combined with simple breath techniques, create a calming effect or an energizing effect. If you are able to sit down on the floor and get up off the floor, either unassisted or using a chair, this retreat might be just for you!
Living the WILD Story

with Tracy Chipman
June 26-28 (Friday through Sunday

$125 to $225, plus meals and lodging

With a sliding scale, we offer a range for the price to accommodate all budgets… any extra is greatly appreciated!

Please join storyteller, mythologist & yogini Tracy Chipman for this rich women’s** retreat experience – Living the Wild Story. This retreat is a deep dive into the wilderness of soul, place and your unfolding story in the community of women. It’s about grounding into the beautiful container of deep myth, into your own stories, and flaring forth into your life as an empowered, awake creator. It’s about living a more, embodied, true and soulful life.

**and those identifying as women/femme.
Tending the Soul of America

with Gabriele Uhlein and Valerie Haberman
Hybrid offering, both onsite and online!
Sliding scale of $150 to $250
Online: Sliding scale of $75-$150

With a sliding scale, we offer a range for the price to accommodate all budgets… any extra is greatly appreciated!

What creativity, what new possibilities are emerging within the reality of a transformed world?

Through meditation, chanting, high ritual and celebration, we will:

  • invoke the wisdom of our ancestors and the elders of multiple indigenous traditions.
  • explore freedom, creativity and a fresh appreciation of interconnectivity.
  • grieve, celebrate and practice blessing without exception.
  • shape together a path into spiritual maturity as we expereince the natural intelligence of our woodland sanctuary.
  • discover a profound homeopathy in the reconnection of body and soul through heart-presence.
Intuitive Painting

With S. Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, PhD
July 16-19, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

Daily 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Commuters welcome!)

$60 a day / $30 for half days (all materials included), plus meals and lodging.
Commuters: bring a bag lunch or purchase a delicious vegetarian meal for $16.

Brush, paper! GO! Large sheets of vellum paper and 24 open paint pots of gorgeous colors await! Experience a fun and supportive community of happy painters. (Come with friend!) No previous art skill is required; bring a sense of play, adventure and openness.

Each day includes two studio sessions with S. Gabe and an evening optional conversation circle. If you have ever felt blocked and uninspired, these days are the perfect remedy!

Painting from intuition brings freedom and restores creative zest. Dare to enter a marvelous “judgement-free zone” for discovering possibilities and breaking through limiting blocks old patterns that can invigorate all aspects of life. Just wait till you see the studio walls!
Aging into Higher Consciousness

with Lucia Leck and Delmarie Gibney
July 17-19, 2020 (Friday 6:30 PM–Sunday 12:30 PM)
$150, plus meals and lodging

 Join us in exploring aging as nature’s way of luring us deep into the discovery of who we are, bringing us to the pinnacle of personal and spiritual development. We look back at who we have been and forward to who we are becoming. Engaging in this transition inspires a shift in consciousness, where we become aware of how we can actively shape our own aging instead of drifting into old age.

During this interactive workshop, we will engage with life review, forgiveness work, and facing mortality. Finally, we will begin the development of a personalized plan for our elder years, including serving others and leaving a legacy.

Anyone interested in shaping their own aging process is invited to participate.
We Make the Path by Writing: a writer’s retreat in a time of unknowns

with Karen Hering
July 24-29
$295 early registration discount/$325 after June 24

The craft of writing, at its best, always invites the writer to step into the unknown and participate in creatively shaping a story that unfolds as we write, one page at a time. In our current pandemic time of so many unknowns, this writing retreat invites you to engage your own writing as a way-finding practice – a steadying activity for finding meaning and direction in the midst of change and chaos. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or continuing to work on a writing piece started long before “COVID-19” entered our vocabulary, this retreat will provide encouragement, centering, and creative practices for keeping your heart open and your Muse alive and well as you put pen to page or fingers to keyboard.

The retreat is for experienced and emerging writers alike. Designed for writers of fiction, memoir, poetry and other forms, it includes personal time for your own writing projects; optional daily guided writing sessions to spur your muse; gentle qigong and tai ji to listen to your body; and community meals and daily circles for abundant conversation, insight and laughter in creative exchanges with writing friends, new and old.
Sing Me the Creation
Connecting with Deep Earth Spirituality through the writings of Ranier Marina Rilke – Master Poet of The Soul.

Facilitated by Ronald E. Moor
July 24-26 (Friday through Sunday)
$150, plus meals and lodging

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.” Rilke

Ranier Maria Rilke is one of the most highly regarded lyric poets in all of literature. Throughout his life he sought to deepen his connection with his beloved Earth and the indwelling forces of creation. He spoke eloquently of the Numinous existing always and everywhere in the created world all around us. Toward the end of his life he felt that our planet’s purpose for humankind had finally been revealed to him. He shared it with the world in his masterwork The Duino Elegies.

This is a highly experiential weekend, one that may stir your own inner capacities of creativity. We will experience Earth as beloved companion on our own soul journey. We will read together, ponder together, meditate and contemplate together, dialog and share together.

Our time together will touch you, challenge you and, if willing, open you to a deeper way of being.
We will soon be offering online registration for our on-site retreats! We will send out an announcement as soon as we are up and running with our online registration platform.
Online Retreats
Click titles to view retreat descriptions

with Ronald E. Moor
Wednesday’s at 10am (CST), beginning on April 15th
$10 per session

with Sheila Kinsey, OSF. D.Min
Thursday, May 14 at 12pm (CST)
Free Offering!

May 14-16 (Thursday through Saturday)
with S. Gabriele Uhlein
$15 per session or $60 for the three day package

with Ron Moor
May 15-17 (Friday through Sunday)-four 90 minute sessions

with Wade Britzius
5 sessions, once per week, beginning on May 19.

June 4-6 (Thursday through Saturday)
with S. Gabriele Uhlein
$15 per session or $60 for the three day package

with Neal and Carol Carbon
June 11-14 (Thursday through Sunday)

with Doug McGill
June 19-21 (11 online sessions)
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The Christine Center, W8303 Mann Road, Willard, WI 54493
Thank you for your support!
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