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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, June 20

Exchange Rate

So many exciting things are coming to the Market this Saturday that we don't know where to start. Actually, we do: we gotta start with the plant exchange because we've not made nearly enough of a fuss about it, we forgot to put it on the Market board last week, it's a one-time thing, and at this point we're afraid that Molly is going to be the only one who shows up with some plants to trade. So, the #1 takeaway from this newsletter is that there's a plant exchange at the LFM this Saturday!

Dig up and pot up a few perennials from your garden or yard and bring them to the lot as early as you can. Label your offerings with plant name (if you know it) and whether it prefers sun or shade so we can find the best home for your ex-plants. Ferns, hostas, flowers, herbs, bulbs, corms, shrubs, and even small trees are welcome. You'll get credit for each plant you bring, which you can trade for plants other exchangers add to the pool. Late in the day (noonish), leftover plants will be sold to anyone who wants them for a buck each. Yes, we know it's late in the season for this, but truly better late than never. Next spring when the thing you get Saturday and plant this year comes up and looks terrific, you'll be glad you bothered.

Market Debut!

Poniton Farm is finally joining us this week for the first time ever. As we explained a while back, Poniton is owned and operated by Todd McAllister, who should look very familiar from his 8 years working at Schober's stand (we're making this recognition especially easy by putting Poniton in Schober's old location). Todd's is a smaller operation, but he'll be bringing some lovely Jersey-grown produce to Market, starting with radishes, squash, and blueberries this Saturday, plus some of Schober's peach cider, which we know you've been eagerly awaiting. We hope you'll give him plenty of support as he ventures out on his own, an old friend starting anew.

Fowl Call

After trying to work a "getting our ducks in a row" joke into that first piece, we gave up and decided just to tell you we couldn't make it happen. Which is a dang shame because the next wow thing that's coming to the Market Saturday is fresh whole ducks from Livengood Family Farm. They're a new product for the LFM, and they're a new product for Kristy too, who's been reading up on the best way of plucking and cleaning ducks because it's apparently a far quack from how it's done with chickens. (Good luck with that, Kristy!) If all goes well, she'll have about a dozen whole Pekin ducks, which should be 6 or 7 pounds each dressed. She's doing the hard work, and you just need to figure out what you're going to do with yours.

If you want to roast one, know that ducks have a layer of fat right under the skin, so you have to make allowances for that (such as flipping them over while they cook), but there's not much more to it. This recipe for crisp roast duck has four ingredients -- duck, water, salt, and pepper -- uses high heat (425 degrees), and gets a rating of four out of four forks by reviewers. This recipe uses lower, slower heat and goes into a lot more detail, with pictures, if that makes you more likely to try a new thing. Should you wish to prepare your duck on a grill, it's suggested you either boil it a bit to remove some of the fat or use indirect fire and take care to get the fat to fall into a drain pan (otherwise, immolation), but this piece makes a good case for throwing it on the Weber. There are even videos on grilling ducks undertaken by sweet, unpretentious folks like this couple. If they can do it, you can too.

But if ducks absolutely aren't your bag, know that Livengood will be on a schedule of having fresh chicken for two weeks and then frozen chicken for one week the rest of the season. This Saturday will be the second in a row for fresh, meaning that we get frozen chickens on June 27, and start again with fresh the Fourth of July. Note also that they will have soy-free chicken every week (same schedule of fresh and frozen), so if birds that have eaten no soy are your preference, Livengood has you covered.

For goodness sake, if you've not yet tried making beer can chicken on the grill, you really have to do it, especially if you're having guests, because sitting a whole bird up on a can while it cooks both amuses onlookers and results in a truly bang-up meal. To keep it especially LFM-rich, consider swapping out Bud or Yuengling for some of Frecon's hard cider poured into a rinsed-out can. Your reputation as a grilled chicken master will soon precede you.

Truly Hot Tamales

Thirty years ago, Cristobel Castañeda and his wife Mariana came to the United States from Puebla, Mexico, and for some delicious span of that time they've been preparing authentic, handmade Mexican cuisine at their Kennett Square restaurant, Taste of Puebla. Starting this Saturday, Cris will have warm chicken, pork, and vegetable tamales at the LFM -- available singly or in packs of three -- that are ready for immediate consumption on site. Pair them with Taste of Puebla's salsa fresca (a spicy mix of green tomatillos, cilantro, jalapeno and poblano peppers, avocado, and garlic), pico de gallo (a slightly less spicy blend of red tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and jalapenos), or guacamole (you know what's in guac, right?), and don't be surprised if strangers in the Market café ask you, "Hey, where'd you get that?" You can point west and and respond, "Allí!"

Spoiled Kid

Last but no means least in our round-up of the exciting things happening this week is one of our favorite treats -- a baby goat is coming to the Spotted Hill Farms tent. (Donna Howard suggested we christen this Saturday "Hug a Goat Day," and we're happy to do so, but no spouse jokes, please.) Donna is bringing Butch, who she describes as "very spoiled," which is okay when it pertains to these critters. Drop by her stand for some of her wonderful soaps and to meet little Butch. If you take a selfie with him and then wander up to the Manager tent and show us the picture, we'll give you a Market Buck and strongly encourage you to Facebook the photo and tag the Market.

Saturday's Vendor Outlook

Weekly: Bonnie's Wondergardens, Buy the Dozen Bakery, Frecon Farms, Freeland Market, Fruitwood Farms, Green Zebra Farm, Livengood Family Farm, MyHouse Cookies, Poniton Farm, Regency Cafe, Wilson's Curiously Good Foods. Nonweekly: Creative Shepherd Farms, Kia's Cakes, Mojo's Popcorn, Spotted Hill Farm, Taste Artisanal Market, Taste of Puebla, The Avenue Deli. Visiting: Nana's Homemade.


The Union AA will be at the Market again this Saturday and next to raise money for their Fourth of July festivities, including that fireworks extravaganza we all love. Get your fireworks tickets or a supportive T-shirt at their table. (We put them in the shade between Green Zebra and John Wilson to make visiting those friendly folks even more pleasurable.)

Next Saturday (June 27) is Community Day #1 and if you don't have your application in by now, well, it's too late. But allow yourself a little extra time to explore that side of the Market because there's always good stuff to be seen and learned and purchased over yonder. Look for a complete list of who to expect linked here next week.

Speaking of special events, it's never too early to remind you that Kidcentric Day is coming up next month, July 25, so if you need to make arrangements to get your grandkids or nieces and nephews lined up for that day's fun (or, conversely, book a nice weekend out of town; yeah, we get that too), start planning!

Bear in mind that Bonnie's Wondergardens is off in July and August, so you have only two more Saturdays to shop her goods at the LFM before there's a loooong break. (We'll miss ya, Bon!) During that time, we're going to fill that Market real estate with some other vendors who you know and some that we're bringing in as guests, so stay tuned. But till then, grab the plants and flowers you need to make your week a little prettier while doing your LFM shopping and save yourself the trip to Scottdale Road.

If you stepped across Lansdowne Avenue last Saturday to participate in the video and photo shoot for the Historic Lansdowne Theater's crowdfunding campaign, the HLT Corporation thanks you. When the video and photos become available, we'll try to remember to link them here. To be safe though, follow Save the Lansdowne Theater on Facebook for regular updates.

Looking for how to get a Market Buck this week? You missed it! It's up above.

What's a Birthday Party Without Ice Cream?

The coolest place in Lansdowne is celebrating its first anniversary this Saturday, June 20. Starting at noon, The Icery gelato and Italian water ice shop on Lansdowne Avenue just south of the Market will have face painting, balloons, free sample-size cups of water ice, and a children's arts activities table. Selected artworks will be enlarged and framed in the front window as part of The Icery's "Artist of the Month" summer event. Stop over and wish this small, local, artisan business happy anniversary and treat yourself to something cold.


Artist of the Week

Pidge Molyneux of MWM Designs is a master of combining the colors and textures of her materials to produce bright, vibrant jewelry. If working at a desk or on a computer has interfered with your wearing bracelets, pay special attention to her cool leather ones , which fit close to the wrist and have tons of visual impact but minimal hard surface impact.

Musicians of the Week

It's another twofer week in the Musician tent, as we get accomplished guitar and bass player Bob Fournier early in the day and then Meghan Cary and Peter Farrell a little later. This seems to be Meghan's first time at the LFM, and since she was Billboard Magazine's Critic's Choice of Best Newcomer a few years ago for her debut album, this is one not to miss.



The Icery's First Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, June 20, from noon onward
Free sample-sized cups of water ice as well as face painting, balloons, and a kids’ art activities table
23 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Book Signing and Meet & Greet with
Wyatt Doyle, Andrew Biscontini, and Richard Adelman at Vinyl Revival
Saturday, June 20, 4:00 pm; free admission
Books available for purchase
35 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Rhyme, Rhythm & Reason at the Regency Cafe
with Joe Cilluffo, music by Don Clune
Sunday, June 28, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Open mic session to follow
29 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Independence Day Parade
Sponsored by the Union Athletic Association
Saturday, July 4, starting at 9:00 am
Starts at Greenwood and Wycombe

July 4th Festivities and Fireworks
Sponsored by the Union Athletic Association
Saturday, July 4, 7:45 pm (fireworks at 9:00 pm); tickets
Penn Wood High School field

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