Trees Deserve A Little More Respect!
Let’s face it, most of us never give trees much of a second thought. If you stop to think however, they certainly deserve a lot more consideration. Our great country was originally founded primarily on the fur trade and the tremendous abundance of our forests as a source of lumber for shipbuilding. Trees are ingrained in our national identity in the same way as the beaver and the Mapleleaf. In fact, our forests are the envy of the rest of the world yet we very much take them for granted. Did you know that in its lifetime the average shade tree will filter as much as 4 tons of pollutants from the air? Trees also reduce our footprint by locking up carbon and can help to reduce summer temperatures by several degrees on hot, humid days. Trees produce up to 20% of the oxygen we breathe, not to mention the fact that they help filter our drinking water, reduce erosion, etc, etc. There seems to be no end to the benefits trees provide.
~ Glenn Cartwright

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This Canada Day Why Not Plant A Tree To Celebrate Our Canadian Heritage & Help The World To Cool Off & Breathe A Little Easier!
Planting Trees For Our Future!
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We Are Blessed With Such A Vast Selection Of Deciduous Trees in SW Ontario.
Red Oak, Sunburst Locust, Princeton Gold Maple, Tulip trees, Weeping Purple Beech, Green Mountain Sugar Maple, Crimson King Maple, Red Maple, Linden trees, Tartarian Variegated Maple, River Birch, Japanese Maples & so much more. 
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Blue Rug Juniper
Reg: $29.99 | $19.99

A dense and beautiful ground hugging ground cover evergreen featuring steel blue foliage which takes on a purplish tinge in the winter. It is fast spreading, extremely adaptable and hardy. Excellent for trailing over walls and rock gardens. Growing no taller than 6-8" and spreading to 7'.

Fire & Ice Hydrangea
Reg: $29.99 | $15.99
Features bold conical white flowers with shell pink overtones at the ends of the branches from mid summer to late fall. As the season continues to turn a brilliant deep red. The flowers are excellent for cutting.
It can be pruned in the fall or early spring to maintain a smaller dense shrub but will mature to a 5' mound.

City Line Hydrangeas
Reg: $34.99 | $19.99

This series of colour changing mop-head Hydrangeas grow to about 3 feet in diameter. Flowers begin early summer and last straight through fall. Plant in full to part sun but avoid areas where heat radiates. Ventilation is important when planting in full sun.
Trim after blooms fade. Do not trim it in the spring.

Sale Price: $24.99

"Our native Maple tree (acer rubrum) sports a thick canopy of shiny green leaves all season long and then turns a brilliant red in Autumn. Because the red maple is native it flourishes in our climate and can withstand anything nature throws at it - much like Canadians themselves. This is the tree whose leaf proudly graces our national flag." A perfect tribute to Canada Day."

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Little Princess
Reg: $24.99 | $11.99
Little Princess Spirea is draped in stunning clusters of pink flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early summer. It has emerald green foliage which emerges chartreuse in spring, turning an outstanding coppery-bronze in the fall. It attracts Butterflies. Growing 2' high by 3' wide.

Sweet Summer Hydrangea
Reg: $29.99 | $15.99
Sturdy branches produce large white blooms that transform to soft pink from mid-summer to late fall. These blooms become a bold dark pink in fall. Cut & dry some flowers in September and they'll stay the same beautiful colour all year. Grows 5’ in diameter. A 1/3 trim after blooms fade or in early spring will reduce size.

W ine and Roses
Reg: $29.99 | $15.99
A 'super-contrast' spring-flowering shrub, featuring bright rosy-pink trumpet-shaped flowers atop deep wine-coloured foliage. It attracts hummingbirds and is a relatively compact shrub, that grows to a 4' - 5' mound at maturity but can be kept smaller with 1/3 trim after blooms fade or early spring. Needs full sun.

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It is not common that we have a perennial-wide sale during this time of the season but we really want to encourage you to plant for the environment this Canada Day Weekend. Our selection is peaking and there is so much colour and beautiful foliage to choose from!
We have all of our Garden Club Members favourites. Coral Bells, Hostas, Campanula, Astilbe, Ferns, Shasta Daisies, Dianthus, Rudbeckia and Echinacea, Sedum, Peonies, Hibiscus, Coreopsis, etc... The list goes on and on.
Lemon Threadleaf
Reg: $36.99 | $24.99

This slow growing, semi dwarf shrubby variety will eventually attain a conical habit; it features incredible lemon-yellow threadlike evergreen foliage and is excellent as a border shrub or a garden accent where bold colour is desired. It Grows to 5' tall and is most vibrant in full sun.

Sonic Bloom Red Or Pink Weigela
Reg: $29.99 | $19.99

This is a very prolific bloomer that forms a stately mounded shrub 5' in diameter with rich green glossy foliage. Regal red or pink trumpet-shaped flowers re-bloom all season and attract hummingbirds; very, very showy! Maintain a smaller compact bush with 1/3 trim after blooms fade.

Weeping Nootka
Reg: $129.99 | $69.99
*Limited Supply

A tall, fast growing, uniquely shaped evergreen with pendulous branches developing an overall graceful appearance.
Makes an interesting focal point in the garden. Does well in moist locations, but very adaptable to most anywhere where there's ample sun.

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