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Here's your opportunity to ask about the many things happening in our neighborhood. Got time? JPNA needs your help. Consider participating in the Zoom meeting.
JPNA May Meeting
Wednesday, May 26, 6:00 – 7:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 834 7070 8019
Passcode: 001813
(link also posted to

The meetings will be June 29, September 28 and December 28
Plant Sale Results - Thank you neighbors!
Thank you donors!
If you didn't go, you missed some great bargains. It was a hot sale - in several ways.
The plant sale was a huge success! We saw so many neighbors and friends. Thank you for your support through your purchases. The neighborhood now has $3290 more for important neighborhood projects.
IT TAKES A NEIGHBORHOOD to conduct a successful Plant Sale.
So many people to thank!
Many thanks to Laurel Heather for organizing, hosting, and watering! Thanks to the many folks who donated and/or worked at the sale: Barb and John, Belle T, Bill, Brenda Bee, Carol, Chave G, Colleen N, Debbie K, Erin P, Gloria A, Jerry H, Joan D, Joan H, Judy J, June, Kathy M, Lillian H, Liz B, Mary B., Louie W, Marjorie and Bill N, Melanie, Micheal H, Peggy, Ricardo P, Rosemary B, Stewart L, Tom T, Yvonne L, Zoe G, and all the others who dropped plants and gardening items by. You made a difference!
Zoning Examiner DENIES the Special Exception Permit

In a nutshell - TEP is proposing to overhead the lines and still has not clarified how the lines will enter and leave the substation. Plan Tucson and particularly the University of Arizona Area Plan are opposed to overheading utilities and support preserving historic neighborhoods.

" in addition, new transmission lines would run from the proposed Vine substation to the west and north, or to the north, through the adjoining neighborhoods before connecting with a transmission line along Grant Road. The impacts on the affected neighborhoods of these alternative routes would be different, and the impact of the proposed special exception land use cannot be determined without knowing what transmission lines will connect with the proposed Vine substation."

"...the Applicant does not intend to place the transmission lines underground. While this proceeding is separate from the line-siting process, as a practical matter the two are interrelated. Given the uncertainty regarding the route(s) to be selected for the Kino DMP Transmission Line Project, and the uncertainty of the location of the power lines which will connect with the proposed Vine substation, compliance with PT (Plan Tucson) and UAP (U of A Plan) cannot be determined on the current record."

NEIGHBORS MADE THE DIFFERENCE! There were four who testified at the meeting. Additionally, there were 31 letters to the zoning examiner. Two were favorable and 29 opposed! BUT WE HAVE MILES TO GO BEFORE WE SLEEP! Next is the inevitable appeal.
ADU's ...a mixed blessing
The City is proposing to change the land use code to allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Currently, ADUs with full kitchens are not allowed, only dwelling units without full kitchens. These are often referred to as casitas, mother-in-law units or granny flats.

Here's what you need to know from the JP Land Use Committee

The City wants to change the land use code to:
- Encourage the construction of more ADUs
- Provide a process for legalizing ADUs that were built without permits

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) could be great, but:
> If the ADU is built on the front or the side (as proposed by the City), the original property loses its historic status, possibly its historic tax break, and could endanger the historic district status of the whole neighborhood.
> If there is no owner-occupancy requirement (as proposed by the City), mini-dorm developers will build ADUs for student housing, in violation of the Group Dwelling Code Amendment.
> If there is no owner-occupancy requirement, the ADU may become a short term Airbnb, which the City is not allowed to regulate by State law. Do you want an Airbnb next to your house?
> If the ADU is 1,000 sq ft (as proposed by the City), it may dwarf the original home. And it will surely result in loss of trees and green space in the neighborhood.
> If parking is on-street (as proposed by the City), there will be more cars on the street; if parking is on-site, it will be by alley access.

Yes, we are protected more than many neighborhoods, because of our historic status and NPZ overlay. The City has stated that historic overlays will supersede this ADU ordinance. They have also said that the Group Dwelling Code Amendment (limiting occupancy to no more than 4 unrelated tenants) will also overrule it.

But the burden of ensuring compliance with the NPZ and GDCA is on US. The City barely has the capacity to ensure that new buildings comply with the NPZ. We (your Land Use Committee) has to monitor every construction that goes on in the neighborhood to make sure that it hasn’t bypassed City procedures. We don’t want more work!

And other neighborhoods are not as protected as we are – keep them in mind!

Please learn about the Accessory Dwelling Units ordinance at, and ask the hard questions at these zoom meeting offered by the City. Feel free to use the points above for discussion.

For more information, contact your Land Use Committee –
Use as a City Park sometimes suspended

Closed or Open?
The school will post a sign on the gates when the campus is closed due to safety concerns associated with construction. Otherwise the park is open after school hours at 6:00 PM and on the weekends.

Grant Road Widening
Make your comments known
Watch the YouTube presentation Grant Road Plan Phases 5/6
It is a clear review of what is expected for Jefferson Park.
GRANT ROAD PLANS The plans include the "opportunity" for greenspace. Hooray! However, it is just that, an opportunity. Neighborhoods must now make the case that the "hIghest and best" use of those remnants is greenspace. Five neighborhoods of the Grant Road Coalition have sent a letter listing their concerns. See the letter sent by the adjacent neighborhoods at Send your e-mail comments to the project manager Bob Roggenthen,
Virtual Classes from AZ Historical Society
Check out the virtual classes given by the AZ Historical Society. On May 6, they featured how to do research on your home. Classes are interesting!!
5G Poles in our Neighborhood
They should be co-located on TEP poles!
From Steve Kozachik's (Ward VI) April 26 newsletter: "Someone drew the analogy in this fight for the aesthetics of our neighborhoods to David vs Goliath. I prefer the image of Lemuel Gulliver in Lilliput. Lots of us working together getting control of the situation.  I know – there’s satire and a bunch of other meanings in Jonathan Swift’s writing – it's the image of lots of ‘little people’ getting involved, and effecting change that I like. 

 So some good change did happen last week. TEP and Verizon have agreed to collocate a Verizon array on one of the utility poles north of Grant by Doolen Middle School. Also last week I took part in an introductory meeting with Cemrock and Verizon. That’s the company that hides vertical elements in fake trees and cactus. They’re talking. And we finally met with AT&T and opened dialogue with them. I’m hoping that leads to a better outcome on a proposed pole overin El Monetvideo. Right now AT&T has proposed this site: 
That tree doesn’t need a 35’ tall cell pole as a neighbor. You can see all the utility poles in the background. We’re working on a better outcome. 

The issue is only going to increase in intensity as more poles are proposed by more companies. As I’ve told each of the utility representatives – our intent is not to fight state law. We don’t have that authority. Our intent is to compel a conversation among all parties that leads to consideration of alternatives superior to the ones now being selected..."

Here is the map, which is updated daily:

You can click on the circle (red with green dot) to get to the permit info.
Jefferson Park locations so far: 
SW corner Edison/Cherry, NW corner Seneca/Highland
NW corner Waverly/Fremont, SW corner Tyndall/Lester
SE corner Lester/Santa Rita, SW corner Seneca/Tyndall
Recycling- no more glass in the Blue Bins
As of February 1, glass is not allowed in the blue recycling bins. Take your glass to the purple bins located throughout Tucson.The nearest purple bins for Jefferson Park are located at:
Mansfield Park - 2000 N 4th Avenue
Ward VI Office - 3202 E 1st Street
August - Brush and Bulky Pick up in Your Alley:
Pickup Date #2: 8/30/2021
Roll-Off's schedule
2021 Schedule:
5/20- 5/24
9/30-10/4, 12/16-12/20
two locations:
917 E. Seneca
1822 E. Lester
Roll-Off's are coming soon!
Thursday, May 20 - Monday, May 24

Roll-off Reminders
1) Type of Material: Dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt or other heavy construction debris (10 Yards Max).2) Weight limit: 20,000 lbs., loads exceeding weight limit will need to be lightened by customer.

For All Containers
1) No material can be sticking out of the top or overhanging on the sides.
2) Container should be loaded uniformly and tailgate secured. Please load all items to the rear of the container first.
3) No hazardous materials such as paint, fuel tanks, or batteries.
4) No appliances that contain Freon, (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, etc.
5) No tires are to be disposed of in containers.
6) For your safety, use caution when loading the container. Please note large amounts of cacti can become very heavy.
7) Do not overload equipment by placing sideboards above the present sides. Overloaded vehicles are a direct violation of the law and will have to be partially downloaded before being serviced.

Your cooperation in meeting these requirements is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please call 791-3171, and or visit the website:
Red Tags, Complaints, etc.
1) Loud party calls should go to 911.
2) Additionally, if student-related, contact the UA Neighborhood Hotline to report concerns at 520-282-3649.

Loud music/noise calls may be reported online:

CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 
REPORT any time of day, any number of people if unruly, any grouping over 10 (in Covid times).
MONTHLY STATS: March -1 loud music. April - 1 red tag.

See the latest crimes in Jeff Park:
See code violations in Jeff Park:
New Vaccine Resources

New Vaccination Resources
 Text Message Vaccine Finder Tool
  • U.S. Health and Human Services has released a text message tool to help people find vaccine sites near them. The tool asks for the user’s zip code and automatically finds sites near them and can be used in either English or Spanish.
  • Text GETVAX (438829) for English or VACUNA (822862) for Spanish to receive three vaccine sites on your phone within seconds.

 Free Transportation to Vaccine Sites
  • The ride share company Uber is offering FREE transportation to all Pima County vaccination sites. Users can call the Uber Vaccine Hotline at 1-855-632-0557 to request a ride.

Multilingual Social Media Toolkit
  • “Get the Facts” Campaign social media series has released multilingual social media resources for health, community, and public champions looking to get information out to non-English speaking populations.
  • Each set of materials includes translations in more than 30 languages as well as the ability for you to customize the logo, URL, photo and more. Click here to visit the toolkit.

Pima County Vaccine Data Dashboard
  • Pima County has released a new dashboard with information about he current status of COVID-19 vaccination. The data is broken down by a number of demographic and geographic indicators.
  • The tool is aimed at giving local stakeholders and the public detailed information about vaccination in their area and parts of Pima County where access to vaccination may need to be targeted. Click here to visit the dashboard.

Rumor Tracker Tool
Are you hearing questions or concerns that do not sound quite right? Help us collect information about rumors and topics being shared within the community. Through a partnership with the University of Arizona, the Rumor Tracker tool allows community partners to report misinformation or concerns that they are hearing. This information can help us develop accurate, timely, and complete vaccine messaging.
Click here to visit the Rumor Tracker.
The new location is 2500 N. Stone. They’ll be distributing food on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 pm until 8 pm, and on Saturday mornings from 8 until 10. If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or request delivery of some food, use their website or call at 222.9242. For Spanish speakers, give them a call at 520.253.3130. (STEVE KOZACHIK'S WARD VI NEWSLETTER)
EDISON Parklet & Campbell Access Road
Thanks to the Walkers
Many thanks to the JP neighbors who include trash pick up with their dog walks along the Campbell Ave Access Road!!!
3rd Saturday of the month, 8:00 am, in the parklet at the end of Edison at Campbell Avenue some gather to perform our "Adopt a Park" work. The work also extends south and north on the roadway. Garbage bags and tools supplied. "Many hands make light work". If you do pick up trash during the week, or just prefer to pick it up at your time of choice, please contact Joanne Osuna at and your time will count. We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt-a-Park Program.
Household Hazardous Waste: To see the 2021 schedule for drop off places go to
Helicopter Noise/ Banner Hospital:
contact BUMC Security: 520-694-6533
The Med Evac. flight path is south of Jefferson Park. There should be no choppers over Jeff Park residences. Report non-compliant flights to Banner - 520-694-6533
Sorry to report
An uptick in mail theft in JP, and across the city. Collect your mail immediately.
Sign up for informed delivery.
Lock It it or Lose It! Vehicle break-ins or attempted break-ins are on the rise across the city. What can you do? Never leave valuables in your auto. For more information to safeguard your items, Click here.
​NON-EMERGENCY - 791-4444
​REPORT A CRIME ​88-CRIME - (882-7463)
Anonymously report suspicious activity/persons.

JP Lead Officer: Ofc. Joclyn Avilez.
Phone: 520-307-1252.

JP Community Resource Officer: Erin Peters
Phone: 520-965-7670
Need help or want to volunteer?
(520) 248-6882
Lend A Hand Senior Assistance
 PO Box 41323, T/A 85717-1323
COVID-19 Reliable sources of information
If you are healthy and able, please help by volunteering to pack emergency food boxes. The Community Food Bank URGENTLY needs volunteers to keep operations running. Email to get started.
The City of Tucson has a homeless protocol which brings TPD out to offer people options. How to report is described at
If Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 520-791-4467;
City Services "Cheat Sheet"  has links, emails, and phone numbers
to make it easier to reach anyone in the City
based on your need.
Recycling list

to read what can/cannot be recycled
The No Transit Fares program has been extended into 2021!
Roach Control Hotline
Automated line, please provide requested information and staff will return the call
(520) 724-3401

Report Sewer Odors
(520) 724-3400

SOS (Low Income bill assistance)
(520) 791-5443
Dirty bus stop
Call (520) 792-9222 to report the location. You may also email 
Include pictures if you wish. All requests will be documented by Sun Tran to ensure proper follow-up takes place.
Sun Tran:
Neighborhood Contacts & Resources
Area Representatives

Area #1 - Mary Worthen,323-1777 

Area #2 - Jon Heine,321-4343

Area #3 - Erin Posthumus, 206-661-7765

Area #5 - Louie Werthmuller, 390-9044

Area #6 - Lisa Jones,622-1682
Choppers Overhead?
The flight path is south of Banner Hospital - not over residential area.

When you see it call it in.
Contact BUMC Security at
24/7 available (520) 282-3649

Neighborhood Resources:
Recommended service Providers

TPD Lead Officer for our area: Ofc. Joclyn Avilez. Her email is

emergency crime:   911
See the latest crimes in Jeff Park:
See code violations in Jeff Park:
Report an unruly gathering: Call 911  CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 
The Ward offices publish weekly updates. Jefferson Park is in Ward 3; however, Ward 6 also puts out an informative newsletter, so both are worth a read!

1510 E Grant Rd., 85719 email:

Ward III, See Karin's e-news at:

Another newsletter chock full of information!
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik's newsletter:

Our Pima County Contact, District 5
Elvira Din, Staff Assistant to Supervisor Adelita Grijalva
Pima County Board of Supervisors,

Karin Uhlich Ward III
Steve Kozachik, Ward VI
Get on the List Serve! To sign up for the neighborhood list serve, send a blank email to 
or send a request for an invitation to

Facebook: Jefferson Park Pet Lost animals, found animals etc 

Facebook: Jefferson Park: Interactive communications and neighborhood friendly posts

Report Transportation Concerns: Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to

What is a code violation?And whom do I call? Download an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Editors' Note: This Constant Contact is sent only upon request and with permission. The editors, Joan Daniels, Erin Posthumus, Joanne Osuna , Colleen Nichols invite your comments.
Thanks to the editors who check and recheck the information we send out to our neighbors. If you see an error or have an addition, let one of us know.