Issue #171, April 2019
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Two Local Organizations Receive PUD Grants
PUD Board Member Harry Price presents a check to Rainier Drainage Improvement Company Secretary Terry Deaton.

Our Board of Directors recently awarded two Economic Development Grants totaling $15,000. 

Rainier Drainage Improvement Company received $7,500 to help pay for costs to recertify the Rainier levee.

Friends of the Columbia County Fair received $7,500 for the final phase of a restoration project at the fairgrounds.

The PUD's Economic Development Grant is available to local nonprofit organizations for projects meeting certain requirements. 

Check for Savings Before Your Next Home Project

If you have any home improvement projects coming up, check with our Energy Experts before you start. We have several rebates available for customers.

See the rebates we have available to help you cut your energy waste. 

Please Don't Hang Things on Utility Poles

We know it is tempting to hang garage sale signs, missing pet notices, or other items on utility poles. Please don't.

Attachments put our workers in danger and damage poles. They also put us at risk for fines from the Oregon Public Utilities Commission.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and reliable electricity distribution system. 

Contractor Testing Utility Poles in Rainier

Pacific Pole Inspection is inspecting, testing, and treating utility poles in the Rainier area. 

We have contracted with Pacific Pole Inspection to determine if the poles are in good condition or in need of replacement.

This is part of our maintenance program. It helps ensure our distribution system is safe and reliable.

Keep Yourself Safe from Scam Attempts

Posing as a utility employee is a common scam.

It often occurs over the phone, but it can also happen by email, text, or in person. 

We urge you to follow these tips to help avoid falling victim to scams. 

Save Money by Cutting Your Wasted Energy
Photo of a window replacement project

Your home may be wasting energy in ways you haven't noticed. Weatherizing your home and upgrading your windows can reduce the amount of power - and money - that is wasted each month.

We have rebates available for insulation and window upgrades in homes that are heated primarily with electricity. 

Plant Trees Safely Near Power Lines

We work hard to provide you reliable electric service. Trees that are too close to power lines can cause interruptions in service and even put people in danger. 

You can help by following these guidelines

Call Before You Dig
Call 811 Before You Dig

If you plan to do any digging, Oregon law requires you to contact the utility locating service at least 48 hours before you dig.

Call 8-1-1 to request a locate, or do so online

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