SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Families in Green Spaces

Green Space is Precious! Plant a Seed Today.

Dear Friend of Sojourner House,

This past year has inspired us to look for good and to invest in growth. As we continue to navigate Covid, we are busy planting seeds and continuing to manage through a global pandemic.

To create new ways to address the needs of our families, we have a new project! We are constructing an outdoor shelter and learning space with one of our partner agencies, Homeless Children’s Education Fund, where together we offer after school, cultural, and STEM programs. This will expand our ability to safely engage with more families, face to face. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to make this happen.

A child cooped up indoors can get restless and bored—this inhibits learning and growth. Having beautiful outdoor space is uplifting and offers children places to run around…. dream…and hang out with siblings and friends. For the families we serve, a safe, joyful space with a roof can be life-enhancing. It’s a place where families can share a meal, play a game, plant a garden, have a birthday celebration, or just sit and read. There are at least 56 families who will benefit, as well as the community at large. 

This new space will be a place where memories can be made. We are in the design phase now with a goal to build this fall, and supplement with landscaping in spring 2022. 

You can be a part of this initiative, by supporting our Plant a Seed campaign. Every donation will assist with construction and supplies to make the new picnic and shelter space a fertile environment for family bonding and learning. Please consider a gift of $50 or more so that we will build a stronger community—one where growth, light, and possibility inspire our families.  


DBM signature

De’netta Benjamin-Miller

Executive Director

Your gifts will help build a lifetime of memories in the new outdoor space:

  • $50 - This gift could assist with gardening tools and outdoor games
  • $100 - Plants seeds that will assist with the shelter design and permitting
  • $250 - Nurtures and supports the construction materials & labor
  • $500 - Helps to lay down roots for programs to flourish in the new space
  • $1,000 - Plant a Seed Benefactor (You will be invited to Grand Opening) 
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