Plantar Fascitis Tips

There are many ways that inflammation affects the body's tissues.  Many times self-care and conservative treatment can resolve problems before they become chronic.  In the next few months, we will highlight common inflammatory problems with a few tips to help you manage them.  
  • There are other possible diagnoses that could cause heel pain.  If pain occurs at rest or if it does not follow a pattern of improvement after warm-up, you may need to see a physician to rule out conditions such as a stress fracture.

  • If you are a runner, there are guidelines for replacing your shoes. Every 300-500 miles is a good rule of thumb.  Don't forget that casual and dress shoes wear out too.   Check for excessive wear such as a heavily slanted heel or worn treads. 

  • When you stand, do you distribute your weight evenly between both feet?  Is your weight balanced between the heel and ball of each foot? 

  • When you walk, do you land heavily on your heels? Do you keep your weight on the outside of your foot?  Small modifications in posture and gait habits can make a real difference.

A physical therapist can evaluate your posture, gait, muscle imbalances, movement patterns and footwear to identify possible causes of plantar fascitis.  Your PT will develop a plan to help you address the identified problems and get rid of foot pain!

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