FIRST Newsletter | May 2021
13-May-2021 | Issue 13 |
Revised: 2020 Soybean Quality Reporting
An equipment mis-calibration at the University of Minnesota Agronomy and Plant Genetics laboratory affected 2020 soybean quality samples reported by FIRST, sponsored by the United Soybean Board. Alternative laboratory analyses confirmed that %_grain protein values originally reported were approximately 1% lower than true values, while %_grain oil values were approximately 1% too high; original and new values are highly correlated (r2~0.95). The researchers revised the data by applying the necessary instrument calibrations. FIRST soybean region summary reports are revised and posted on We regret the error.

Interactive Planting Date Maps for the FIRST Program 2008-2020
FIRST's 25th Anniversary
This is FIRST's 25th year of organizing corn and soybean seed trials. To celebrate, we have been looking back at reporting over the years. This month, we'll review the planting dates in the program from 2008-2020. These graphics show the typical distribution of seeding dates and the effects of weather in each year.

Both maps have the same scale for planted day of the year, with cooler blues for April-early May plantings and warmer oranges for late May-June. Typically, corn comes first for FIRST, as seed is due to Field Managers on February 15, while soybean seed is due March 1.

Click on the figures to go to the online interactive versions of these maps where you can zoom in on the map, start and stop the animation, and hover over any location to see the plant and harvest dates and grain yield at harvest.
Corn Grain - FIRST typically plants corn plots earlier than soybeans. Corn seed is due to the Field Managers two weeks before soybeans.
Soybeans - Soybean seeding typically occurs starting mid May, with packeting and planting completed around June 15.

Stay tuned

To celebrate our 25th year, we will continue to share analysis of other factors associated with yield and agronomic performance using detailed FIRST records. To date, there have been more than 900,000 mini-strips planted, maintained, measured at harvest, and reported in the corn grain program, and almost 300,000 in the soybean program.

We will provide updates on the collaborative work of FIRST managers, host farmers, and seed sponsors who have entered their products this year. We are proud to serve the agricultural industry to increase yield and profitability for American farmers. Thanks for joining us!
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