"Flowers always make people better, happier and more hopeful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."
-Luther Burbank
We've been thinking a lot about some of our favorite flowering perennials, and we would love to share them with you. Each and every plant has it's place in the world, but these stand out for some pretty impressive reasons. Take a peek to find out why you should plant these 4 Rockstar perennials in your garden today. Pssssst: they are all deer resistant!
Extremely easy to grow and deer resistant, this perennial flower blooms year after year. The lupine plant fixes nitrogen in the soil and is a great addition to your vegetable garden or any area where nitrogen loving plants will be grown. Our Westcountry series boasts bigger blooms and unique colors never seen before. These aren’t your grandmother’s lupines!
If you’re looking for a tough-as-nails plant that will bloom for months on end with very little pampering, catmint is sure to make you purr with delight.
Not only does it attract a whole host of pollinators, Nepeta will bloom from spring until fall with very little attention or care. An initial shearing of the first set of flowers once spent will encourage re-bloom for months! Nepeta is drought tolerant once established, adored by honeybees, and luckily left alone by deer and rabbits.
Low-maintenance, fast-growing, long-lived Veronica is a great addition to any backyard or garden. Another deer and rabbit resistant selection that attracts pollinators and makes a superb, long-lasting cut flower. It comes in a range of colors, including white, pink, blue and purple.
Salvia are excellent, easy-to-grow perennials for a summer show of intense color. They perform best in full sun and are real heat lovers. Not only do the flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, the plants are also very deer resistant. Salvia responds well to shearing after blooming to prompt fresh foliage and blooms. Drought tolerant once established.
When Char is away, the minions will play!
There were many secret houseplant orders placed while our houseplant maven was away. Come help us by buying this all up before she realizes what we have done! But really, our houseplant selection is great right now. Also really great right now are our ... WATER PLANTS!
Water Hyacinth, Cyperus, Juncus, Sysinchrium, Mimulus, and more! Now that the temperatures are warming up we will continue to get in floaters regularly, including the stunningly beautiful Nymphaeaceae,
AKA water lily!
Speaking of warmer weather, our tropical display is out in full force!
How 'bout a banana or a Canna? Bougainvillea or Brugmansia? Pretend you're in Asia with a Colocasia? All you need now is a fruity drink with a little umbrella. Heading home with all your tropical goodies, you will be here today, gone to Maui.
New items in the gift store from Tulia’s Artisan Gallery! These mobiles are perfectly balanced for the most graceful movement. Just pull and release the bottom string and watch them fly. Each is constructed of medium-density fiberboard, hand-painted, and decorated with dyed tagua nuts. These whimsical flyers are handcrafted by a woman-owned business that employs single moms and internally displaced Afro-Colombians.  
Green Roads' mission is to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants. Green Roads is a pharmacist-founded CBD company that has set the gold standard for quality since the earliest days of the industry, and continues to do so today.

We are now happy to carry their line of CBD products, including edible relax gummy bears, skin relief cream and sore muscle & joint rollers.

To learn more about Green Roads, head over to their website!
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