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May 2-4, 2022

"Becoming a mother overwhelmed me. I felt lost . I was not ready to mother another life. I was only beginning to figure out life for myself. My transition from being a daughter, to wife, to mother was so quick. I hadn’t had a chance to discover who I truly was, I hadn’t found my own ground yet."

-Nosh Khurram, Community Speaks 2022 participant

With the looming decision on Roe v. Wade in the United States Supreme Court, we are reminded just how necessary it is to build and maintain platforms for women, trans, and non-binary voices, and to share their truths. This is especially true for BIPOC women, immigrants, those without access to healthcare, and, domestic violence survivors. These are the voices that Tasveer has been dedicated to amplifying for 20 years, and our work is just beginning!

Founded by women seeking to enact social change through art, Tasveer has long brought to light stories that oppressive forces would otherwise seek to silence. Supporting Tasveer, and our storytelling programs like Community Speaks, will help to strengthen the platform, and spark those dialogues that in turn create social and political change.

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