May 18, 2018 

Documentary film, 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride,' exposing the horse slaughter pipeline in America, set for release
WASHINGTON, DC, May 18, 2018 -- Animals' Angels is proud to announce the release of the much-anticipated film, 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' on YouTube and
Through the powerful story of a once-successful racehorse named Platinum Ticket, this documentary exposes the horrors of the horse slaughter pipeline. When the film begins, the gentle gray Thoroughbred finds himself, injured and emaciated, at a low-end auction where he faces being purchased by "kill buyers" determined to squeeze every last cent from his hide by sending him to slaughter.
"Most people are completely unaware that each year, about 80,000 American horses meet the brutal fate of being auctioned off and shipped to slaughter in Canada and Mexico so their meat can be sold internationally," says Sonja Meadows, Founder and President of Animals' Angels. "And many of them are racehorses, children's ponies, beloved pets, and show horses."
Following Platinum Ticket's journey, the film shows how horses are dumped at slaughter sales like the Knoxville Livestock Auction where he ended up.  There, they wait, frightened, in deplorable conditions, until they're packed into trucks and shipped for days without food or water across our borders to a gruesome death.  
Others, like Platinum Ticket, wind up in shady "broker programs" like the Thompson Feed Lot.  The brokers deceive good-hearted people into "bailing out" horses they claim are just hours from shipping to slaughter.  In reality, many are in no danger of that; the brokers' true intent is just to sell them at high prices.
Fact-driven and without graphic violence, 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' includes interviews with equine industry insiders:  racing luminaries, a veterinarian, representatives of rescue groups and a former auction employee.
"' Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' is a courageous film," says Eclipse Award-winning racehorse trainer, Richard Englander. "It's a hard-hitting, passionate and revealing expose' that will raise awareness about the all-too-common plight of American horses.  People need to see what this deceitful industry tries to hide if we're ever going to shut down the slaughter pipeline."
And that's why Sonja Meadows decided to release 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' immediately on YouTube and social media:  "We feel that the best way to get out the message about the cruel business of horse slaughter is if 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' is readily available free of charge to the general public.  We hope everyone will share it on their social networks and use it in their own advocacy efforts until no more horses suffer the tragic fate of Platinum Ticket."

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