Platting Updates
November 24, 2021
Recordation Appointment Scheduling
for all Plat Applicants

The Planning Department will stop using TimeTap for scheduling plat recordation appointments as of December 1, 2021. Plat recordation appointment requests will continue to be made by completing a recordation appointment scheduling form.
  • For subdivision plats: Submit the recordation application and pay the fee in Plat Tracker, prior to filling out the appointment form.

  • For amending plats: State the name of the amending plat on the form; there is no application number. Confirm that review was complete by submitting at [email protected]. Pay by contacting the Department.

  • Planning staff will contact you to verify that the recordation application is received and is ready to be processed.

  • You will receive a recordation appointment date and time.

Questions? Monitor the Planning Department Subdivision Plat Recordation webpage for updates, or contact Development Services Planners at 832-393-6624.