Platting Updates
February 12, 2021
Recordation Cancellation Fee for Plat Applicants

The Development Services staff has monitored recordation appointment availability since the October 9, 2020 notice on recordation issues. Some applicants are still booking duplicate appointments. Steps being taken to resolve issues now include:

  • Duplicate recordation appointments are being deleted starting February 15.
  • A cancellation fee of $53.97 will be assessed for any recordation appointments that are cancelled without 24 hours advance notice, starting March 1, 2021.
More appointment opportunities: Appointment times have been extended beyond the former 60-day window, allowing for more booking options. Only make one recordation appointment per plat - when it has received final approval from the Planning Commission and your client is ready to record.
Eased meeting requirements: Since March of 2020, due to pandemic adjustments and to avoid delays, plat mylars for recordation may be delivered to 611 Walker anytime during the appointment week. One on one meetings are no longer required. Planners review these submitted recordation plats during that week, and update applicants.

Incomplete submittals causing delays: Most recordation mylars are dropped off with incomplete information, errors, no contact information attached to the mylar or without the CPC 101 form conditions and markups being addressed and resolved. To expedite your recordation process, please review your material for accuracy and completeness before your recordation submission.

Plat Tracker scheduling: A recordation application in Plat Tracker is required prior to dropping off the recordation mylar for further processing. See more details on our recordation web page. Also, the mylar and materials must be rolled with a copy of the Recordation Appointment Confirmation sheet visible on the outside of the roll.
Monitoring appointment openings: You may monitor appointment openings daily via TimeTap. New time slots are updated regularly.
We continue to consider other solutions for recordation appointment availability, and we are asking you, our applicants, to be considerate to others by not overbooking recordation appointments. Thank you.
Questions? For more information, visit or contact the Department's Development Services Planners at 832-393-6624.