Platting Updates
January 21, 2016
Planning & Development Department Fee Modifications

The Planning & Development Department, in coordination with the Finance and Legal Departments, completed a comprehensive review of existing and authorized development-related fees administered by the Department. The purpose of the review was to align the fees collected with cost
accrued by the City for providing the service. A review of this scope and detail has not been completed in over a decade.
City Council adopted the changes to the Department's fees in December 2015. The new fees go into effect on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. To view the fee modifications, please click here.
Expedited site plan review available at 1002 Washington 

Site plan or development plat customers at 1002 Washington may request an expedited review for qualified plans. Each expedited review will be conducted during normal business hours. A limited number of requests will be accommodated each day. If the request is accepted, an expedited review fee is due prior to review. This fee is in addition to all other fees required by the Code of Ordinances. 

Planning & Development Department
611 Walker, 6th Floor