Platting Updates
November 17, 2015
NEW Expedited site plan review available at 1002 Washington 

Effective November 6, 2015, site plan or development plat customers at 1002 Washington may request an expedited review for qualified plans. Each expedited review will be conducted during normal business hours. A limited number of requests will be accommodated each day. If the request is accepted, an expedited review fee is due prior to review. This fee is in addition to all other fees required by the Code of Ordinances. 

NEW Requirement for Class 2 Plat applications
All Class 2 subdivision plat applications must include a metes and bounds description in the title report. Staff will use this information to verify the plat boundary during review. Beginning December 4, 2015, C2 applications that do not include a metes and bounds description will be deemed incomplete for the next Planning Commission agenda.

Improvements to the recordation process  
We've added two reviewers and more openings to accommodate demand for recordation appointments. To keep thinks running smoothly and prevent backlogs in appointment availability, we will adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Staff will review ONE application per one hour appointment.
  • Staff will accept a maximum of three consecutive appointments in one day.
  • Staff will not meet with applicants arriving more than 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment.
  • Staff will not conduct a review if the mylar is not signed and sealed.
  • Staff will not complete a review if the person attending the meeting is not knowledgeable of the project and/or capable of making changes or answering questions
UPDATED Recordation documents!

The Lienholder's Subordination to Dedication and the Owner's Ratification of Plats documents have been updated on the Forms page of the Planning and Development Department's website.
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