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Plan now for a fall playground transformation.  

Be sure to check out our amazing sale for ways to transform your playground.  It's amazing what a little paint can do!  

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Cinco de Mayo 

PE & Classroom Party Games  

PE & Classroom Party Games
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The Cinco de Mayo package includes 16 activities to celebrate Mexico and the Battle of Puebla. An overview of the history of Cinco de Mayo, a map of Mexico to color, the flag of Mexico art activity, decorating a sombrero, and an art project for making Maracas. Kids will love to sample food with the "Walking Taco" and flag inspired dessert cup all while experiencing Mariachi Music through a QR code to scan..

Active games include: Mexican Hat Dance, Avion a Mexican Hopscotch, Steal the Sombrero, Mexican Balloon Pop, Hot Chili Peppers Jump Rope Competition, La Gallinita Ciega a game of The Blind Hen and the internationally loved Rock, Paper, Scissors Game. 

The Cinco de Mayo pack also includes a certificate to issue to game and competition winners.

Are you tired of playground arguments and confrontations?

Post recess discipline issues steal away a principal's time and classroom teaching opportunities. Principals across the nation have turned to Peaceful Playgrounds Program for over 20 years to solve these problems.

The U. S. Playground Map Stencil is  popular among school for playgrounds. This geographically and proportionately accurate U.S. Playground Map Stencil is easy to apply and can be painted by 2 adults in five hours.

Six of our more popular markings for getting children involved in recess games.  When kids are involved in games, you have fewer problems.  Game Markings include: Hopscotch, Number Line, Multi-Use Circle, Four Square, Ball Hopscotch, and Target.

Replacement playground equipment includes volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, kick balls, playground balls, footballs, tether balls, cones, nets, wiffle balls, bases, beanbags, scoops and jump ropes.

Peaceful Playgrounds Walking and Jogging Track is great for getting kids moving and perfect for those days when it is too wet to run out on the field.  The track was designed for elementary schools who rarely have the benefit of a designated running space.

A new physical activity program includes a permanent physical activity court and a trail that is painted on the playground.  Unlike  a fitness par course that requires expensive outdoor equipment stations, the physical activity court/trail is low cost, easy to implement and can be added to existing space or the perimeter of an asphalt area. 

U.S. Map Contest Winners

Beginning Feb. 2017 we began selecting two U.S. Map Stencil Winners each month.  It only takes a minute to enter.  Sign up here: U.S. Map Stencil Give-A-Way.
There are two places to check to see if you're the monthly winner.  First check this newsletter monthly or go to our website sign up page.   Winners will be announced monthly. 
May 2017 Winners:
Elise Garza  PE Teacher  Loxahatchee, Florida
Barbara O'Donnell    School Counselor  Gastonia, North Carolina
Please call the office 951-245-6970 to claim your prize.
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