National PTA Convention Las Vegas

Active kids do better 

Dr. Bossenmeyer Panelist

Dr. Bossenmeyer to serve on the PTA Convention Panel:  "Active Kids Do Better" at the Las Vegas Convention June 25, 2017.   

As kids spend more time indoors and the obesity rate among youth continues to rise, it is increasingly important for parents, schools and communities to provide and encourage safe opportunities for physical activity and sports participation. Access to physical education, recess and sports programs are key to academic success and overall well-being. 

Simply put: Active kids do better. 

During this workshop, explore promising practices in advocating for physical education and recess, as well as ways PTA leaders can help to prevent the risk of health and safety issues related to youth and school sports including concussion, heat illness, heart disease and overuse injuries. 

Exercise Dice

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Enjoy this set of dice for indoor recess or physical education activities.  Roll the number die for the number of repetitions to perform the various  basketball actions.    Students take turns rolling the dice and leading basketball actions and exercise motions.
Students can make their own dice prior to playing the activity.
Great for Rainy Day or Snow Day Activities or indoor recess.

Product Spotlight

 Fitness Fun Zone Court and Trail 

Fitness Fun Zone Track & Trail
Fitness Fun Zone Track & Trail
a one-of-a-kind unique physical activity court designed to accommodate 1 to 50 individuals of various fitness abilities and ages.
The Fitness Fun Zone outdoor court includes multiple game and activity applications that incorporate fitness and nutrition.
Schools will appreciate the ease of monitoring the activities that address NASPE Fitness Standards 3 and 4 in a manner that's both effective and efficient. Ten minutes is all you need to customize your fitness in a variety of ways that allow for moderate to vigorous physical activity!   The Fitness Trail offers 24 activity stations that can be permanently painted on the playground or any asphalt area.  QR codes guide participants through each activity station. 

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