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How to Paint Using Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils

How to paint using Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils
How to paint using Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils

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Exercise Cards in English & Spanish     


exercise cards
Enjoy this set of exercise cards. Activities include: 10 toe touches, do the chicken dance, & head, shoulders, knees and toes exercise and more.
Set comes in English and Spanish cards.   
FREE SET! ENJOY! And please follow.


The Recess  Roll Out Stencil Set includes:6 of our more popular markings for getting children involved in recess games.  When kids are involved in games, you have fewer problems.  Game Markings include: Hopscotch, Number Line, Multi-Use Circle, Four Square, Ball Hopscotch, and Target.
All stencils arrive complete with full game rules, lots of activity suggestions, layout and painting instructions.

Peaceful Playgrounds new Walking and Jogging Track is great for getting kids moving and perfect for those days when it is too wet to run out on the field.  The track was designed for elementary schools who rarely have the benefit of a designated running space.  
1. 40 plastic reusable stencils
2. Online Support and Layout Suggestions.
3.  Site License
4.  Paint and Paint Machine
FREE Peaceful Playgrounds Webinars

Twice a month we present live Peaceful Playgrounds Videos and best of all they're free.  You should register early to hold your registration spot. 

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