Discipline on the Playground

Guidance for Playgrounds Supervisors & Staff

Discipline on the playground is a challenge at most school sites.   Most schools, however,  strictly enforce classroom rules and procedures in order to maintain a safe classroom environment for students. When students go to the playground for recess, the classroom rules are not adequate for some playground behaviors. For this reason, playground supervisors or paraprofessionals sometimes find themselves without a protocol for handling discipline problems on the playground.
When a child misbehaves on the playground, the following suggestions may serve as a blueprint for "how to discipline" students in the outdoor, less-structured environment.  More...

  1.  Have classroom teachers walk students around the playground on the first day of school.  Introduce playing areas and those areas that are off limit during recess.
  2. Introduce students to playground rules and procedures. For example:  freeze at the bell, walk back to class, and line up after the whistle.
  3. Teach safe play on the playground structures.
  4. Introduce the rules for a new playground game each week.   MORE...

Playground Report

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This is a pdf download of a playground or recess report form. Put the 8.5 inches by 11 inches (4) report form on the copier and track playground incidents

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In a previous newsletter, I promised to write a sequel to the previous article answering the question "How to Improve Recess? " You see, recess is something I know quite a bit about. As I stated in the previous article, I too was a school administrator who decided to trim back recess in a moment of frustration, primarily based on the discipline issues we were experiencing. However, there is a solution to the discipline issues which many administrators experience.

A big part of restoring recess lies in the need to improve recess and how it functions. While it is true, there is not much we can do about supervision duty and standing on a cold playground, there is much we can do about the conflicts or boredom which can lead to fights and arguments that spill over into a classroom and impact instructional time.  More.......

Schoolwide Discipline What Works?

The Annual Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes toward the Public Schools has identified school wide discipline was one of the most serious problems facing the nation's educational system.
Some teachers and administrators often agree with parents that discipline issues result in a loss of instructional time and thus, an interruption in learning. 

Other schools, however, it seems, have found the magic formula to orderly classrooms and a  safe emotional and physical environment for learning.
Which school wide practices lead to disarray and which ones lead to order in student discipline? In this article,  school wide disciplinary practices and student behavior outcomes will be reviewed.  More......
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