DATA DELAWARE: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
As with most things in life, follow the money. 
The Delaware Valley is electric with baseball. 

After an exciting off-season of collecting talent,
Bryce Harper’s signing with the Phillies was the proverbial cherry on top. 

But a recent Los Angeles Times story says the Giants,
and especially the Dodgers -- with magnificent weather --
offered similar 300 million dollar-like deals to the mega star. 

So why did he choose the Philadelphia Phillies?
According to sports writer George Skelton, the California-based teams
couldn’t overcome the burden of California’s top state income tax rate of 13.3%,
compared with Pennsylvania’s low flat rate of 3.07%. 

Reworded, Mr. Harper’s agent, Scot Boras said
the tax savings from signing with the Phillies – rather than a California team – “could be almost a full year’s compensation.” 

For the full story, “Bryce Harper will save tens of millions in taxes by spurning the Dodgers and Giants” CLICK HERE.

(Photo of Bryce Harper from the Los Angeles Times March 7, 2019)
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Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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