Dear COOS Families,

I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the new playground and the updates.

The new play structure for our current playground outside the Blue Jay's classroom will be delivered August 24th.

The playground company will need about a week and a half before that to take out the old sand and the old artificial turf. They will replace the artificial turf and give us new turf in the small "courtyard" play area.

A week before that happens (our window is August 9th-August 12th, another company will be making a new sidewalk in the same playground. This needs to be completed before the rest starts.

You may have noticed a temporary chain link fence around the grass area next to the church. We rented a fence to give the children a temporary play yard while theirs is getting fixed. It's there already to give us time to set it up before we need to start using it. The children will use the Church nursery bathroom (with a teacher), which we are already licensed for chapel. We also have large waters for drinking water. I'm sure it will be a fun temporary space!!

The last area to be worked on is the space outside the Sparrows class that has a new fence making it larger. That is the yard we have been calling the "outdoor classroom project." It has to go last because the delivery trucks etc. will be using that space during the other yard's work. This new space is getting a new seal on the ground while we are closed for in-service week. After the ground is done, we have a boat that was donated (thanks Allen), new picnic tables, sun shades, a huge tractor tire, art easels, a water table, a large chalk board door and Allen is making a beautiful cross that holds a succulent garden. Our wish is for every child to bring one very small succulent on their first day of school and we will all plant them together!

It is a lot all happening in just a couple weeks but with the temporary yard set up we will make sure the children aren't around the work!!

Please ask us if you have any questions or ideas!! We are all really excited for this to all finally come together.

Blessings in Christ,

Ms. Beverly