During the first week of August, 75 young athletes living with type 1 diabetes, gathered in Vernonia, Oregon for the 23rd year of the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp.  In this year alone, CDBC hosted attendees from 24 different states and 3 countries.  CDBC focuses on educating youth on how to properly manage T1D while competing at a high level, encouraging them to
 not let T1D stop them from achieving
 their dreams, and connecting them to peers and role models who share an understanding of the daily challenges of living with T1D.

Campers spent the week advancing basketball skills and building relationships.  We were thrilled to have special guests join us in working with campers during the week including former NBA head coach, Herb Brown (Detroit Pistons, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, and others), as well as long time NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bob Medina, who ran campers through fun and challenging drills.  Chris Dudley spent the week on the courts, forming relationships with campers and coaching alongside experienced camp coaches. 

While campers bonded as teams and competitors on the courts, they also made memories on the giant slip n' slide, cooling off in the pool, and cheering each other on during the CDBC Talent Show and Lip Sync Battle.  The week was capped off with the traditional "Pass-the-Ball" night, in which campers and staff share about their experience with type 1 diabetes and what camp means to them.  As always, it was an emotional night of goodbyes, yet solidified the uniqueness of the bonds formed while spending a week without need to explain type 1 diabetes to anyone.  Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, coaches, counselors, and support staff who help make this week possible and so special to youth with type 1 diabetes and their families. 

Check out KATU's feature story about the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp to hear what young athletes have to say about their experience at camp!  Thank you KATU for taking the time to visit camp and help raise type 1 diabetes awareness! 

Hear from Chris Dudley about the 23rd Annual Chris Dudley Basketball Camp and the important role that camp can play in the lives of youth with type 1 diabetes.  READ CHRIS' LETTER HERE

  • Chris Dudley Basketball Camp 2019: Stay tuned for the 2019 Camp Dates! 
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"Where Are They Now" is a monthly feature article showcasing past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now young adults with type 1 diabetes living active lives and following their dreams!  
CDBC Camper 4 years
CDBC Staff 4 years  
Favorite Camp Memory?
My favorite memories from camp are from working on the Night Crew and giving back to a camp that has greatly impacted my life. The memories made with the other members of the Night Crew after checking everyone's blood sugars will always have a special place in my heart, right next to the special place that has all of the amazing gluten free cookies that come out of the camp kitchen!
Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care?
One of the greatest lessons I've learned from being involved with camp is that you can always count on others when you need it. If you're having a hard time with keeping your blood sugars in check after training for a marathon, or even if you are just trying to figure out how many carbs are in 10 gummy worms, I can almost guarantee that someone at camp has been in the same position before and if you ask
them, they are probably more than willing to give you all of the tips and tricks they've learned from living with diabetes.
Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp?
The people that I have met at camp have been my closest friends and supporters over the years. I can always count on them when I have a question about diabetes, school, or life.  
Do you have any advice for present or future campers?
CDBC is a family. Stay in touch with those that you meet and be sure to be there for others when they need you. Give back to others whenever possible, and always set the best example for those following in your foot steps. Lastly, take advantage of every opportunity to catch up with friends that you made at camp, no matter how far away they
may live!
What have you been up to since your days at CDBC?
Since my camper days, I attended the School of Nursing and the Honors College at Boise State University. I graduated with my bachelor's degree and have since passed my licensing boards, and now I have been searching for a nursing position in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I am looking forward to starting my new career, as well as figuring out this thing called "adulthood"!

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