December 2018
Participate in an act of good during the last month of 2018 by fundraising to support youth with type 1 diabetes!

Until the end of 2018, the Chris Dudley Foundation will be hosting an online fundraising campaign to provide financial aid for children with T1D who wish to attend the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp.  
The process is quick, easy, and secure.

Twenty-three years ago Chris Dudley and his wife, Chris, decided to start a  one-of-a-kind basketball camp for kids with type 1 diabetes where loneliness would not be  welcome. Camp would be a place where kids would be surrounded by a superior medical and  camp staff, as well as peers from around the world who face the same challenges. Today our  campers call themselves, "The Lucky Few". It has touched the lives of countless families and  the impact grows every year.

However, in the last several years we have had more families in need of financial help  than ever before, with about 75% relying on financial aid to attend camp. At the same time the cost of renting  the camp facility and overall expenses have continued to rise sharply. Therefore, it has become  necessary that we fundraise to ensure the camp continues with the same structure and that our  foundation can continue to support a broader diabetes community.

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This holiday season, do good while giving!
CDBC camper and staff member,
Patrick R. is a Junior at Tufts University and is the  epitome  of not letting type 1 diabetes stop him! This will be Pat's 3rd season playing basketball for the Tufts Jumbos.   As a starter last season, Pat tied for second on team in blocks per game, amongst  a number of other impressive stats.  Pat's advice for other's living with T1D is "Follow your dreams, and don't let diabetes get in the way of achieving your goals." 

Thank You to Highland Park Middle School 
Chris Dudley and CDF celebrated the end of  National Diabetes Awareness Month  with Highland Park Middle School in Portland, OR talking about diabetes education and listening to inspirational students, teachers, and Chris talk! Thank you to the staff and supporters of CDF for making this happen!

"Where Are They Now" is a monthly feature article showcasing past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now young adults with type 1 diabetes living active lives and following their dreams!  


Favorite Camp Memory?  Its super hard to think of one favorite camp memory. Every moment there was a blast. Besides the various shenanigans and friendships made, if I were to boil it down to a single  event I would probably have to say the talent show of 2013. Coach of my team orchestrated a legendary skit. 

Did you learn anything at camp about your diabetes?   Absolutely! When I first attended CDBC I was a fairly new diabetic. While at CDBC my blood sugars where managed to a degree of precision that I did not think at the time was possible for me. Going to camp gave me confidence in my own diabetes care. 

Do you stay in touch with anyone you met through camp? 
Yes from time to time. The people that attend CDBC and especially the people who work at the camp are some of the most kind hearted people you will meet. You make the kind of friends that you want to keep in touch with. 

What is your advice for present or future campers?
Play hard and always have fun!

Where are you now?!
I attended Mt. Hood community College where I received my Associates degree in Cyber Security and Networking. I now am employed with the Portland Police Bureau. 

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