January 2018
"One Mind, One Body, One Chance"
Diabetic Health Coach, Lauren Bongiorno, develops 3-month reflection journal to provide people with type 1 diabetes with organization, structure, routine, and control.

Former division 1 college athlete turned yogi, Lauren Bongiorno is a Diabetic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Published Author, and Wellness Speaker. With the commitment to a holistic approach to health, Lauren educates, supports, and guides type 1 diabetics all around the globe in taking control of their diabetes by developing healthful habits and mindsets.  Over the past two years, Lauren has become a voice in the diabetic community via her Instagram page,  @Lauren_bongiorno, where she's amassed more than 22k engaged followers. She is an exclusive influencer for Nike, on the global ambassador council for Beyond Type 1, and is the author of the newly launched  Diabetic Health Journal.  Lauren has had type 1 diabetes for 17 years and through her experiences working with fellow T1Ds, she developed the concept of the  Diabetic Health Journal, providing a mindful strategy to improve diabetes management physically, mentally, and emotionally and give the support and guidance needed in between the 3-month endocrinologist checkup.   CDF was lucky enough to chat with Lauren about her personal journey with T1D and  the   Diabetic Health Journal .

1.  What inspired you to create the Diabetic Health Journal
 As a Type 1 Diabetic of 17 years and Diabetic
Health Coach, I realized guidance, support, and accountability that emphasized a mindful approach to health was the key for optimal diabetes management. For years I've been giving my clients the tools found in the  Diabetic Health Journal (tools that improved my own relationship with diabetes, energy, and overall happiness significantly as well) and many of them not only hit, but surpass their goals. Whether it's increasing their insulin sensitivity, lowering their A1C, weight loss, anxiety, or reducing their fears around diabetes or food, from day 1 to the last day of the program they are a completely different person. My clients were actually the ones who inspired me to create the journal! Time and time again they would say, "Lauren the blood sugar logs and reflection sheets you give are so helpful but I wish they were in some kind of binded book!".

2. What is the Diabetic Health Journal and how will it help those living with diabetes?
The  Diabetic Health Journal is an easy to use, action- oriented, convenient 3- month reflection journal that provides Type 1 Diabetic with organization, structure,
 routine, and most importantly, control. This journal is an 
effective and mindful strategy to improve diabetes  management physically, mentally, and emotionally  and  give the support and guidance needed in  between  the 3-month  endocrinologist checkup. It is designed in a way that forces you to slow down, become more mindful about every day decisions, and reflect on what's working and what needs to change. The benefits T1D's see while using this journal are: improved A1C, more predictable blood sugar numbers, empowered mindset, increased mood and energy levels, insight into daily habits, a morning and evening routine, and weight loss/ increased insulin sensitivity.

3. What has been a game changer for you in how you  manage your diabetes?
I think for many years I was very much reactive with how I managed my diabetes. If I was low, I'd quickly take juice to get back up and move on with my day. If I was high, I would dose and get down as quickly as possible. I'd go to the endocrinologist every 3 months, check my A1C, set a goal of lowering it for next time, maybe tweak some pump settings, and then be on my way. What I never did, which ultimately was the greatest game changer, w as slow down in between appointments and reflect on my own. I never looked closely enough to recognize patterns and find out what habits throughout the day best served me- mind, body, & soul. 

4.What piece of advice would you give to young athletes with Type 1 diabetes?
My advice would be to know your worth. Don't seek validation from others. Don't depend on a coach to tell you that you are good enough. Know in your heart that regardless of diabetes or what you do or do not accomplish, you  are. Mindset first, the body will follow.

To connect with Lauren, visit her site at  www.laurenbongiorno.com and pre-order your journal today at   http://kck.st/2oCKIac .
DHJ Kickstarter page ( to preorder/donate to the campaign):  http://kck.st/2oCKIac

Freestyle Libre now available in the U.S.
Abbot's   Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is now FDA approved in the United States, joining many countries in offering this alternative testing system designed to eliminate finger pokes.  Similar to Continuous Glucose Monitors like Dexcom, the Freestyle Libre is an injected glucose sensor, about the size of  two stacked quarters. 
The Freestyle Libre monitor
can "scan" this sensor and will immediately provide a blood sugar to the user.  Unlike a CGM, the Freestyle Libre only provides blood sugars when prompted, not continuous readings.  T1D blogger, Paloma Kemak, AKA Glitter Glucose, shares her experience with the Freestyle Libre on her Youtube channel.  Watch her video below to learn more!


Photo originally printed by Humber Athletics
"Diabetes be damned: Evan Vannier's journey to becoming a Humber Recreation Basketball star"
Past CDBC camper and staff member, Evan Vannier, was featured in an article by his college, Humber College, in Ontario Canada.  Even currently plays plays for the Humber Recreation Extramural Men's Basketball team and excels  on and off the court!  We are so proud to have Evan as part of our CDBC staff and family!  Evan offers a message to newly diagnosed T1Ds, "You're not alone.  There are so many people who know what you're going through.  You will have to adjust your lifestyle but having diabetes doesn't mean you can't achieve your dreams."
Read the original article here.
2nd Annual Diabuddies Dash 
5k/10k Walk & Run
JOIN US in Keizer, OR for the 2nd Annual Diabuddies Dash on Saturday, April 28th!   All proceeds benefit Chris Dudley Basketball Camp camper scholarships.
Events include: 5k walk, 5k run, 10k run, vendor fair, and awards ceremony!
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