July 2018

Getting into the summer groove? Our friends over at Beyond Type 1 have all the resources you might need! Check out www.beyondtype1.org for resources, advocacy opportunities,and updates on the latest developments in the diabetes community.  Check out Beyond Type 1's Wall of Warriors on Instagram at @beyondtype1 for daily inspiration!  This article is reprinted with permission from Beyond Type 1. 

Thinking of escaping the heat and hitting the beach this summer? We certainly don't blame you ... AND we've totally got you covered! Here are some tips and tricks for navigating the waves of Type 1 diabetes while you're having fun in the sun.

Staying hydrated is perhaps the #1 most important thing to keep in mind while out in the harsh sun, and this is true whether you have Type 1 diabetes or not.
  • Bring a large bottle of water with you (or several!) And take note of where you can get refills if necessary.
  • It is especially important for many people to replenish electrolytes, especially when sweating. Since sugary beverages such as Gatorade are not such a good idea for those of us with T1D - there are convenient little pouches of electrolyte powder that can be added to water. Ultima Replenisher is a great option, with a variety of flavors and ZERO carbs!
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, milk, and sodas.
Bring a cooler
Bringing a small cooler with you to the beach allows for much more convenience with regard to food and insulin storage. You won't have to worry about only bringing non-perishable food, which means more low-carb snack options like cheese or meats. Also, your insulin will stay cool for hours.
  • Check out Frio cooling pouches for a more portable option if you only need to worry about keeping your insulin cool.
  • Insulated cooling totes are also available for a slightly more functional, less bulky option!
  • Insulin is NOT SAFE in the heat, so it is very important to keep your insulin cold while at the beach.
  • Heat can also alter the effectiveness of supplies such as test strips and BG meters. Be sure to check the labels on all of your supplies for specific temperature requirements.
Low carb snacks
  • If you do bring along a cooler, proteins such as turkey, chicken, tuna, tofu / soy alternatives, or cheese are great to bring along to keep you full, without the blood sugar spikes!
  • Chopped veggie sticks & hummus
  • Raw or lightly salted nuts and seeds
  • Certain flavors of nut-based KIND Bars (like Caramel Almond Sea Salt) are lower in carbs and easy to pack.
  • Nut butter pouches
  • Beef or turkey jerky (with no added sugars)
Snacks for lows
Let's face it, low blood sugars happen - even on vacation! Here are some easy quick sugar options to have at-the-ready.
Presented by Beyond Type 1

FDA Approves Tandem predictive insulin pump & Eversense implantable glucose sensor!
In late June, The FDA announced approvals of 2 innovative products - the first implantable continuous glucose monitor, Eversense, as well as the  Tandem Diabetes Care predictive insulin pump, working with the  Dexcom G6 CGM to auto-suspend insulin delivery, preventing low blood sugars!  Check out Eversense and Tandem for more information and to see if these new pieces of technology could be right for you!

We are officially in CAMP MONTH! 
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  • NWJDF Music on the Vine Fundraiser: July 26, 5:30PM, Canby, OR. Our friends at NWJDF work to provide scholarships for youth with T1D to attend diabetes camps! They are an amazing support for families who would otherwise be unable to financially attend diabetes camps.  As the majority of diabetes camps are Non-Profits, the generosity and support of NWJDF means so much!

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