JUNE 2018
Día Vida Diabetes Youth Camp:
Educating and Empowering Youth with Diabetes in Costa Rica

Daniela Rojas & Dia Vida Association
Daniela Rojas is a psychologist who works with people living with chronic conditions and a type one diabetes advocate and blogger for Costa Rica and Latin América.  In 2013 she became a board member of Día Vida Association (the first 
and only patient organization here in Costa Rica). Día Vida looks on educating and accompany people living with 
diabetes  and their families, seeking to minimize the appearance  of complications both emotional and physical as well as empowering them to understand it is possible to have a healthy, happy long lasting life with diabetes.  Hand in hand with Día Vida Association, Daniela became part of the founding and organization team for the first and only youth diabetes  camp here in Co sta Rica in 2014. The Chris Dudley Foundation had the pleasure of talking to Daniela about her experience growing up with T1D in Costa Rica and working with others who are facing the same challenges. The work of Día Vida Association is inspiring to say the least!  

Dia Vida Diabetes Youth Camp
The Día Vida Diabetes Youth Camp, works with approximately 75 campers between the ages of 10 to 17, we work with kids and teens from all around the country.  The camp is 3 days long and we work with a staff that includes endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists, nurses and team leaders. Our camp looks, to educate, empower and accompany each participant in their personal process dealing with their  type one. We look to educate through sports, games,  challenges  and fun activities which will allow them to learn
 and  respect their body instead of feeling fearful and will enable  them to  develop a healthy relationship with their condition.   The Dia Vida Camp, has been a wonderful process for all of those involved in it, and part of our biggest successes is being able to see the improvement it has brought to lives of the campers.  We have had kids that come in ashamed, sad and frustrated about living with type one, that have later grown into becoming assistants to the team leaders as they want to empower others the they were the first time they participated. Being able to witness how the peer to peer support, being part of a team and share their lives with others living with the condition helps them grow, accept their condition and feel comfortable in their own skin.  Throughout the years, thanks to the feedback obtained from medical staff at the Children's hospital and the parents, we have learned how participating in the camp and learning about their condition through games, sports and recreational activities has help improve their personal relationship with their condition and has allowed them to make use of their acquired knowledge in their everyday life, therefore improving their daily glycemic management.  Through the past 5 years we have also had testimonials from the attendees and their parents on how being part of the camp helped them in the process of acceptance of their condition, how it has also allowed them to improve their family dynamic and the relationship with their physician, nutritionist and health staff. Without a doubt, today I can say one of the best and most fulfilling parts of our camp is being able to see each kid grow to love their own self, understand that they don't need to feel scared or paralyzed about their condition... 

We've compiled some of the most interesting books written about diabetes - from inspiring stories to management techniques.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

1.  Chris Dreams Big by Chris Dudley & Chris Love Dudley
2.  Think Like a Pancreas  by Gary Scheiner
3. Bright Spots and Land Mines by Adam Brown
4.  Sugar Linings - Sierra Sandison
5. The Coco Series presented by Lilly and Disney 
6.  The Sweet Life - Diabetes without Boundaries by Sam Talbot, celebrity chef & co-founder of Beyond Type 1
8. Tell Me Something Real by Kristen Keohe
9. Highs and Lows of Type 1 Diabetes by Patrick McAllister
Happy Reading!

Congratulations to CDBC camper and staff member, Micaela Barber (Westby) and husband, Alex, on the birth of their sweet baby boy, Grayson Alexander Barber.  Grayson was born on April 25th and makes his mom and dad very happy! We are thrilled to welcome Grayson into the CDBC family. 

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CDBC camper 4 years
What is your favorite camp memory?
Catching crawdads in the creek. 

Tell us about yourself since your camp days!
I attended a community college for a couple years after high school, and I did 
absolutely nothing remarkable there. Then, I enrolled in a 9 month Medical Assistant  Program. After completing the course, I found out through my interns hip that this is not something I   enjoy or want to pursue.   Then I started work ing full time at a fire safety company, and have been employed there for  the
last ten years. I travel around the local area to different businesses and inspect their fi re safety equipment. While working in 2013, I m et a lovely young lady named  Jacque,  and married her in 2016. Like most newlywed couples, we decided to have a baby. Ho wever, we decided to hold off on any human babies and start with a horse baby. Our mare Kitty gave birth in March, and the cu te little thing is named Lola. She is freaking adorable.   We spend our time going to the gym, working in the yard, playing with  our dogs & horses, and visiting with our friends and family. Life is good.

Do you have any advice for pr esent or future campers?
Your entire life will consist of food & math equations, so get good at math.   Also, don't be afraid to look for a new doctor if you don't like your current one.

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