May 2019
Chris Dudley Foundation x HoopSwagg

Chris Dudley Foundation x HoopSwagg
HoopSwagg, a leading business in the custom sock & apparel industry, joined the Chris Dudley Foundation at the T1D 3x3 Basketball Tournament.  Check out the video above to learn more about CDF and T1D 3x3.  

CDF thanks HoopSwagg & founder, Brennan Agranoff for their support and generosity.

Stay tuned for more from CDF x HoopSwagg!

Ever wonder what a day at the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp is like?! 
Highlights include: Basketball drills, games, demonstrations, competitions; team bonding, slip n' slide, camp store, volleyball tournament, splash contest, swimming pool, talent show and special guests!

The Pepperdine Pickups hosted their annual Spring Concert in Malibu, CA this past month and graciously dedicated their time, energy, and amazing talent of singing to make this concert a fundraiser for CDF.  All proceeds that the concert brought in are going directly towards providing scholarships for campers who need financial assistance to attend camp. Shout out to our very own Pepperdine Pickup, Jordan Stratton, 7 year CDBC Camper, who will be joining us for his 4th year on camp staff this summer, for making it all happen!
Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, sponsors & supporters who made the first annual T1D 3x3 Basketball Tournament a HUGE success! Stay tuned for updates on our next event!

Summer is upon us!  
For many, a fun time of year.  However, the heat, traveling, and change of activity level can often pose challenges when it comes to T1D.  Check out some of our favorite Summer Resources below for helpful tips so that you can soak up the sun! 





Favorite Camp Memory?   There are always a few that pop into mind. Watching Big Mike sacrifice his body for our enjoyment during the splash contest is definitely a highlight. Also, all the small things, like talking about nothing and everything when I walked back and forth to the bathroom at night with Christian Schlenker.

Did you learn anything at camp about your diabetes?   Of course I learned to test don't guess, but I also learned that diabetes care never really stops. Things change day to day and you have to be able to adapt (namely how much I liked the meals at camp!)

Do you stay in touch with anyone you met through camp?   I keep in touch with Christian Schlenker and CB the most, and I always try to meet up with people when I happen to pass through the Pacific Northwest. 

What is your advice for present or future campers? I n general, I wish someone had told me that diabetes management is a science. You and your doctors are a team coming up with hypotheses about your management, making some controlled change to test that hypothesis, and then reiterating until you dial in your glucose levels. As for camp, do not underestimate the benefit of the friends you make, they'll have your back if you ever need them. I have yet to meet someone who understands how much camp shaped my childhood.   Also, camp teaches you a lot about living an active life with diabetes, but diabetes can also hinder your education if it's not controlled. Make sure your teachers are aware of it and will accommodate you in the classroom. This is even more important in college because you're on your own to navigate these arenas.

Where are you now?!  When I was too old to be a camper, I went to college down in
San Diego at UCSD. As an undergraduate, I studied music and computer science where I ran into fellow camper Cameron Adams (twice!) in my 4 years there. After graduating, I played in a band for 6 months, released an album, and toured the west coast twice before returning to school. I finished two masters degrees (both from UCSD), one in theater and dance, and one in electrical engineering and am now working towards a PhD in Physics.   I've tried to remain active, but turned more towards education. Like I said before, a lot of the lessons from camp about being active with diabetes can be applied to every aspect of your life.   If anyone finds there way on vacation to sunny San Diego, feel free to let me know!

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