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Our Dear CDF Dad's
Honoring A Dearly Departed Father - Dr. John J. Watson
Fathers & Diabetes Facts!
Dad & Girl June - pt
According to Dr. Ian Blumer, if a father has T1D, his children have a 6% chance of developing the disease. If both parents have T1D, a child's risk rises to 30%. However, despite the importance of family and genetics, only 15% of those with diabetes have a first degree relative who also has diabetes. 
National Donut Day
#4 Salvation Army - June pt
A snack originally created by the Salvation Army during the Great Depression, donuts & diabetes are not typically a delicious combination, but certainly provide "food for thoughts". While one parent understandably bemoans the frequent appearance of this sugary, high caloric treat after youth sports events in her article "Doughnuts and Do-nots", please appreciate the positives in the diabetes-friendly donut recipe for our Recipe of the Month at the bottom of this column!
Fathers of the Year Awards
Father of the year June -PT
It's that time of year again! Learn about hardworking fathers around the country who are recognized during the month of June for their fundraising efforts and community achievements as more awareness is brought to the cause of curing diabetes.
Did you know that "World Juggler's Day " is June 16? 
#5 jugglers - june pt
In recognition of jugglers and T1D, hear from Noah Moore of Eugene, Oregon, diagnosed one day after Christmas at age 16 close to 15 years ago. In this video, he wows us with some inspirational messaging and juggling about his own experience with T1D.
Keegan Sets Sail! June 29 
Keegan June - pt
Follow 17-year-old Keegan Taberner, a student living on Canada's West Coast, as he sails throughout the Pacific Ocean on a 16,000km journey this summer raising funds and awareness for juvenile diabetes. Go Keegan go !
Recipe of the Month -  
Vanilla Cake Doughnuts
#2 Doughnuts recp- june pt
Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 
Servings Per Recipe: 8 
Calories: 172
Protein(gm): 4
Carbohydrate(gm): 32
Fat, total(gm): 4

2 - tsp granulated sugar or substitute blend
1/4 - tsp ground cinnamon 

Directions: click  

All things CDF - 
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Our Dear CDF Dads - Father's Day 2012
Dads are extremely special people. Like Chris Dudley, a well-loved father himself, Dads are the rock of reliability that gets us through the toughest of times, helping us to be
Fathers day Best dad ever photo june ptstrong and successful. They teach us; they inspire us; and
they give us goals to aspire to. When we attain them, they are right by our side, ready to celebrate our achievements.
In return, to all of the Dads who support our T1D every day every year, we would like to say, from the bottom of our hearts... thank you. Happy Father's Day! 

Dear Dad, 
Thank you for always working so hard and for always being there for me. Thanks for always encouraging me when I need it most. You are the best Dad in the world. You ROCK!!!!!!!
Jordan S.   
Dear Dad - 
I think you are really great! I like to play games with you and be outside. I hope we can go to a National Park this summer too and hike. Smile, it makes the world a better place. 
I love you dad,
Sophie V. 
Dear Dad- 
Thanks you for everything you have done for me. I hope we continue to do fun things. You need to be a Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Sox fan. That would make you even more awesome.
Love you. Let's play basketball soon!
Max V. 
Dear Dad, 
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everything you do for me. You have pushed me to become the best athlete, student and person I can be and that means the world to me. I don't know what I would do without your support in everything I do. You inspire me and I love you!
Megan W. 
Dear Father, 
I am sincerely grateful for all the blessings and gifts you bestow upon me. Thank you for your support, guidance and wisdom. Have a tremendous Father's Day, your generosity deserves divine thanks. 
Chris, Charles, em, sam PT - june
Dear Dad: Dudley style   

Dear Dad, 
I want to take the time to thank you for everything that you do for me and to tell you how much I appreciate you. I came up with 10 things that I appreciate that you do: 

1. You always help me with basketball and other sports I play
2. You drop things off at my school when I forget them
3. You coach all of my teams in sports
4. You help with my homework
5. You take our family on great trips
6. You take me to Blazer games
7. You help take care of me while I'm sick
8. You push me hard to be my best
9. You make me a better person
10. You love me unconditionally 

There are lots of ways that I appreciate you, but these are just a few. Thanks for being such a great Dad. 
Charles Dudley 

Dear Dad, 
Appreciation is hard to show sometimes. Saying that, you might not know how much I appreciate you, and all that you do for me. You have been a great Dad from helping me with math homework to teaching basketball moves. If you weren't my Dad, I would be a completely different person because you have made me a good person. You are a really great Dad and you have created so many great memories for me: going to Black Butte, getting a dog, and of course, the Dudley Camp. You have made my life so amazing and you know how to make me feel better. You are a great leader, Dad, and person overall. I love you so much and I hope you realize how much I appreciate you. I love you and I thank you for everything. 

Emma Dudley

Dear Dad, 
I love you because you are always there for me at my games and when I ask you to play basketball, football, or lacrosse, you will always come out. When I need help with my homework, you will always help me. I love you. 

Sam Dudley 
Disney Dad logo June PT
Chris Dudley:
Slam-Dunk Dad!    

Disney Dads has recognized Chris Dudley as an outstanding dad and role model! Please show your support for Chris by going to Disney Dad's facebook page and "like" the article they wrote about Chris. 
Honoring A Dearly Departed Father -     Dr. John J.Watson   
#7 June Noah Watson
    Noah & Chris
      at CDF Camp

We would like to extend our utmost of sympathy to one of our campers, Noah Watson, and his family, who  lost their beloved father, John J. Watson, on May 18. Noah's father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at age 45 leaving behind his wife, Leslie, and their four children - John; Noah - a CDF camper; Stephen; and Elizabeth. Dr. Watson,  a professor at St. Bonaventure University, was an incredible man and father, and highly respected in the community. His loss leaves a huge absence for many. We are thinking of Noah and his family, knowing how painful it must be to be celebrating Father's Day without him. We send our love and our prayers to Noah and the Watsons. Please read more about this remarkable man.

Announcing the second annual I Heart Kids with Diabetes fundraising campaign! Help us raise money to sponsor kids with type 1 diabetes to attend the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp! Find out more...
Save the Date!
Pacific Northwest Diabetes Week 2012
A week of health and wellness events! Join us for PNDW November 11 - 17, 2012. 
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  • free to the public
  • free health screenings
  • meet celebrities & sport greats
  • sports clinics for kids & families
  • healthy cooking demons
  • interactive exhibits

Find out how you can become a sponsor or advertise with us!

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Annual BBQ & Rods Event
Saturday, August 4, 2012
BBQ & rods logo JUne pt

Bring the whole family and enjoy an evening of great food,
prizes, live music, and a rod & ribs competition...the perfect way to spend a summer evening. 

This Year's Highlights: 
  • Grand Raffle Prize: Package for 4 to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum & Wings & Waves Waterpark! 
  • Car Show featuring the Sherwood Cruise
  • Live Music: New Invasion featuring classic rock

More info on 2012 BBQ & Rods Event.

Have a wonderful Father's Day! 
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