November 2017
Oregon Ducks Team Captain Tackles T1D
P hoto courtesy of the Daily Emerald & Adam Eberhardt - Originally printed in  article by Jack Butler
As the Oregon Ducks football game plays on TV screens throughout this Fall, a symbol familiar to many in our communities lights up the screen in a quick, but impactful, flash.  The sideline camera pans across the back of the Oregon athletes and one is sporting a medical alert tattoo with a bright blue circle, the universal symbol for diabetes.  The owner of the tattoo is none other than one of the Oregon Ducks Team Captain s , #92, Henry Mondeaux.  Mondeaux is a senior at the University of Oregon who plays defensive lineman, and has been thriving with type 1 diabetes since the age of 15.  

Mondeaux grew up as an active child in Portland, Oregon, participating in a number of sports, including basketball and football since the fifth grade.  In high school, he emerged as a leader on the Jesuit football team in Portland, OR.  Everything was going smoothly until Mondeaux fell ill and was admitted to the hospital.  He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and for the next week, learned what life would look like with new challenges.  Mondeaux didn't let his diagnosis slow him down.  With the support of his parents and coach, he was able to develop a care plan that allowed him to not only continue to play the sports he loves, but to excel at them. READ MORE

When Chris Dudley was diagnosed with T1D at age 16, one of the first questions he asked the doctor was "Can I still play basketball?"  As we all know now - he could and he DID!  

As Fall sports wrap up, the season of basketball, wrestling, and other winter sports is nearly upon us.  For people living with diabetes, or parents of youth with diabetes, the beginning of any sports season can come with a lot of preparation, organization and, for many, anxiety.  Being active with diabetes is possible with the proper steps and awareness!  Check out the resources below for information on participating in sports with diabetes.  
Exercise Safely with Diabetes!
Perfect for younger athletes, this interactive, educational program  allows for an in depth discussion about being active with diabetes and how to reach your full potential while staying safe!  Animated friends keep the attention of young ones while  discussing how  to prevent and treat hypoglycemia before, during  and after exercising and playing sports.  
Start learning HERE.

Don't Keep Them Out of the Game
Working with Athletes with T1D
This simple 12 minute video was created to educate coaches on how to work with athletes with T1D.  It goes over basic hypo & hyperglycemia information, as well as encourages coaches and players to establish a clear form of communication.  
Watch and share it HERE

Join our friends at Riding On Insulin on Mt. Hood, OR at Timberline Ski Area on Saturday, February 24, 2018. ROI camps and open to kids and teens ages 7-17 living with T1D and their siblings.
The day is spent on the mountain, skiing or snowboarding in groups divided by ability level. ROI coaches will instruct your kids on the snow, while our medical volunteers will help with m edical supervision. Parents are encouraged to let go, and allow the kids take to the slopes with our team while we provide a parent networking session in the morning. After camp, ROI's inspirational coaches living with T1D will give a presentation about their stories with diabetes. Click here for details and here for a scholarship. Email with any questions.
There are ROI camps around the country.  Visit for a full list of camps.

First year CDBC camper  Allie Seekins was featured on  Allie, who is 11, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 5.  Today, she loves participating in soccer and basketball, and excels in school.  OnTrackDiabetes featured an amazing profile article about Allie and the hard work she puts into managing diabetes and living active every day.  We are so proud of Allie and lucky to have her as part of the CDBC family!
Check out Allie's OnTrackDiabetes article HERE.  
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month!  So, how can you participate? 
-- Create your personalized  Diabetes Footprint using the  JDRF Footprint Generator.  Visit JDRF for other social media filters, activities, and ways to raise awareness! 
--  Dexcom's #WARRIORUP campaign  is donating $1 to various diabetes related organizations for every social media post raising diabet es awareness.  Just tag @dexcom & use the hashtag!  
-- On Fridays, we wear BLUE
Every Friday during this month, don the international diabetes awareness color and use #bluefridays to post on social media. 
-- Attend an event put on by your local JDRF,  ADA, Endocrine center, or other organization! See the events below for some ideas!
-- November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  
in honor of the people in your life battling diabetes every day!

Thank you to everyone who joined CDF at the Portland, OR JDRF Type 1 Nation!  We hope to see you again next year. 

Find your local JDRF's Type 1 Nation event here.

World Diabetes Day:
November 14th 

"Where Are They Now" is a monthly feature article showcasing past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now young adults with type 1 diabetes living active lives and following their dreams!  

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