November 2018

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month! So,  how do you do your part in raising awareness, building community, and showing support? We've got some resources to help you!

GIVE BACK  - Don't have a lot of time to take action this month?  No worries! Take a few minutes to make a donation to the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp, supporting a child with type 1 diabetes in attending camp! Donate Here or create a Facebook Fundraiser so your friends and family can help you support youth with T1D. 

APPLY FOR JDRF CHILDREN'S CONGRESS - Apply to be a delegate for the JDRF Children's Congress before the end of the month! Selected Delegates will travel to Washington, DC and meet with U.S. leaders to advocate for diabetes research funding.  Take this opportunity to make tangible changes in the diabetes community! Apply Here

#IMTHETYPE - Check out JDRF's social media campaign I 'm The Type.  What type are you? Make a social media post and let the world know that you're more than you're type of diabetes.   BONUS : Use JDRF's generator to create a Diabetes Footprint to use in your post! 

EDUCATE  - Download Beyond Type 1's Shareable Fact Cards and share quick facts on your social media platform to educate your followers all month long! 

EVERYDAY REALITY  - Share the American Diabetes Association's  "Everyday Reality"   video to give a glimpse into the everyday challenges of a person living with diabetes. 

NOVEMBER 14  - November 14 is WORLD DIABETES DAY! Double your efforts to bring light to all types of diabetes on this day.  Wear blue, the universal color for diabetes, make a post on your social media, and make a donation in honor of WDD! 

CONGRATS to past CDBC camper and staff, Jordan Wagner and wife, Kaitlin, on the birth of their son, Milo Reese.  Milo was born on 10/01/18 at 7:11pm.  He was 6lb, 11oz and 201/2 inches long.  We are so happy for the Wagner family!   
This holiday season, do good while giving!
  • Shop Amazon Smile for your gifts and .5% of your purchases will go to CDF! Visit Amazon Smile to find out how. 
  • Visit the CDF Online Store !  Get your camper their favorite camp gear!
  • Give the gift of camp!  Donate to CDF in honor of a loved one.  Let them know a gift was made in their name, supporting youth with type 1 diabetes!
  • Find your local JDRF's Type 1 Nation Event here.
  • 11/14 - World Diabetes Day
  • 2/ 23 - Riding On Insulin Oregon Camp (Timberline Lodge, OR) Find your local ROI Camp HERE
New Camper Registration:  Jan 1, 2019 - visit  for more information. 

Returning Camper Registration: Registrations have been sent and are due back December 1st.  We can't wait to see you again!

Camp Staff Applications: Available on in January 2019. Contact for more information

"Where Are They Now" is a monthly feature article showcasing past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now young adults with type 1 diabetes living active lives and following their dreams!  

Favorite Camp Memory?  It's impossible to pick just one. Some of my favorites include winning the  championship on the upper courts with the unforgettable 2004 T-Wolves squad  under the instruction of Coach K, orchestrating the first ever "Carb-less Eating  Competition © " and "Minute-To-Win-It" events with Co-Director of Fun, Garrett  Jensen, and watching the countless number of talent show acts every year. 

Did you learn anything at camp about your diabetes?   Absolutely. The most important lessons I learned from camp were to always stay  active and to never let diabetes hold you back from achieving your goals or trying  new things. I always see a noticeable change in my blood sugar and control  during thetimes of my life when I am active and eating healthy vs. times when I  am sedentary. On the other hand, no matter how hard you try, there will always  be inexplicable ups and downs when dealing with diabetes. Camp taught me how  to "roll with the punches" of diabetes without letting it affect my attitude on life like  it used to when I was initially  diagnosed .

Do you stay in touch with anyone you met through camp? 
I'm willing to say that through social media such as snapchat, facebook, text  messages, and phone calls, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear from  someone in the CDBC community. Lino Lupinetti and I have attended several Pitt
football games together, the most recent being against Duke on October 27th  (shout out to the Panthers for a big 54-45 win.. Hail To Pitt). Two weeks prior to  this, I met up with fan-favorite and renowned FOX Sports yellow lines guy,  Cameron Adams, in Columbus, Ohio. In August, Garrett Jensen and I went on a
hiking/brewery road-trip through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Last, but
certainly not least, I have met up with Patrick Reilingh at several Pitt vs. Louisville
basketball games when he worked for Louisville and went to class with Teddy

What is your advice for present or future campers?
The advice I have for any present or future campers echoes what I have learned  while at camp: do your best to stay active, try to keep a positive attitude about  your diabetes when things aren't going well, and don't let diabetes hold you
back from achieving your goals or experiencing new things. More importantly,  CDBC provides you with a really special network of individuals. Not many  people have the opportunity to develop the friendships and relationships that we  do by being a part of camp. Camp is only a week long and you should cherish  the time you have there each summer, but also make an effort to stay in touch
and do things outside of camp. You will be amazed at the experiences you will  have and the memories you will make.

Where are you now?! 
After "graduating" as a camper I attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA
where I received my BS in Biology. While at Bucknell, I traveled with the Men's
basketball team and was lucky enough to be part of two Patriot League
conference championships and NCAA tournament appearances. Once I
completed my studies at Bucknell, I continued on to the University of Pittsburgh
School of Dental Medicine where I earned my DMD. I graduated in 2017 and
currently work at a private practice in a small town called Somerset, PA. I have
been practicing for almost a year and a half now. I am currently single, not
married (or divorced), and have no children. I like to workout, attend Pitt sporting
events, snowboard in the winter and go hiking and waterskiing in the summer. If
there are any matchmakers out there who would like to send potential suitors my
way, my email address is

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