Issue | June 2018
Dogs Playing for Life
The DRHS Shelter Manager, Amanda Shaffer, attended a four day intensive training with the Dogs Playing for Life organization. Shaffer received hands-on coaching in the play yard and exposure to "fancy footwork" leash handling and kennel routine skills.

Dogs Live to Play. Now Let Them Play to Live!
I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and participate in a multi-day training seminar called Dogs Playing for Life. At the seminar, we worked with over 100 dogs with high reactivity and dog aggression. I was so amazed at what this organization could do with the dogs and was astounded each day being able to view the dogs’ transformation after and during their playgroup sessions. Dogs Playing for Life stresses the consideration of the whole animal: physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Offering a more natural environment and comprehensive approach to the care of shelter animals helps organizations to better assess behavior, maintain healthy behavior, and support better adoption matches. The dogs’ safety and welfare are their main priority as they allow dogs to be dogs with little human interference. In addition to exercise and social interactions, play groups provide opportunities for enrichment, assessment, training, and behavior modification. 

This program will soon be implemented at The Dubuque Regional Humane Society and will be more focused on our “longer stay” dogs as kennel anxiety and overall shelter stress can certainly take a toll on them mentally and physically. In the end, this is our primary role as humane societies; to provide care and a safe haven for all companion animals (no matter their shape, size or color) and support them in their transition into loving homes. Implementing daily playgroups has proven to be a win-win for people and animals. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dogs Playing for Life, please visit
Ella Schroeder
DRHS Volunteer Recognized
Ella Schroeder was honored at Resources Unite's 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Awards last week. She received the award for Outstanding Youth Volunteer.

Ella has been a joy to have as a part of our organization and is truly an extension of our staff. Ella's dedication to the DRHS and the animals we serve here is not only commendable but also a blessing to the animals she helps care for.

Congratulations on a well deserved award Ella!

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Summer fun! Here we come!
Campers entering 2nd through 6th grade will spend their summer afternoons learning about animal care, bite safety and pet responsibilities. The campers get to spend a lot of hands-on time learning with the animals in our shelter.
Vet Camp is designed for kids entering 6 through 8th grade who are interested in animal science or veterinary medicine. The campers will get a preview into the field of veterinary medicine
Full camp scholarships are available courtesy of Fidelity Bank.
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