November 11, 2022



Thamizh, 117min, India , 2021

Nov 11 | 8:00 PM | SIFF FILM CENTER

Poochi, lives with his grandson, Kumaresan in a small hut on his landlord, Vellaiyan’s land. Kumaresan’s parents were killed in a caste riot a few years ago and is now being taken care by Poochi. Poochi has big dreams for Kumaresan and does all kinds of work to save money to get Kumaresan into a Private school as he currently studies in a government run school. Vellaiyan is a well-known landlord of the region is on the constant lookout to eat Pork, though his wife and others are disgusted about this fact.

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Hide & Seek

Anuka Sethi, 9min, United States, 2021

Hide & Seek is a poetic exploration of a girl's struggle to navigate the in-between spaces of her multicultural identity.


Seemab Gul, 19min, Pakistan, Italy, 2021

Zara, a schoolgirl in Karachi (Pakistan), shares a sensual dance video with her virtual boyfriend, who then blackmails her. Caught between his manipulative behaviour and the desire to experience love on her own terms, Zara searches for the strength to reject the confines of a patriarchal society.

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How to be a Person

Sindha Agha, 6min, United Kingdom, 2022

Sanam needs to get an abortion. How does she even do that and what will her Baba say if he finds out?

First Night

Darshika Karunahara, 20min, Denmark, 2021

The story of the two Danish-Tamil sisters who are determined to experience their first time on the same night.

NaNa Ki Dum

Jacob McSharma, 11min, United States, 2021

A new mom contends with her traditional Indian father while trying to sleep train her infant.


Sakshi Gurnani, 29min, India, 2022

When Naina's male friend violates her boundaries, she’s left to grapple with whether or not what happened was in the ‘gray’ areas. Working with a therapist, Naina takes a journey between past and present, to define for herself the meaning of consent.

Bahaar (Outside)

Prakshi Malik, 13min, United States, 2021

A mother mourns when her teenage daughter is accepted into boarding school.

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Amit Saxena, Kalki Koechlin, Deepti Naval and Pushan Kriplani from Goldfish studded the Red Carpet last night amidst the high energy of fans who attended the Centerpiece event. Filmmaker Pushan Kriplani gave the audience hilarious insights into his process and challenges of making the film during the pandemic. Deepti and Kalki expressed how their trust in the filmmaker helped them play challenging stoic characters in the film. The audience was lucky to have an intimate conversation with Deepti Naval about her new book and some of the community members joined us for an exclusive dinner at Khushi restaurant with the Goldfish team.


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