April  2018
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The Importance of Playtime
There's value in fun and games
Written by Beryl Meyer

While the classroom teaches children many valuable lessons, the playground does, too. Without their even realizing it, problem-solving, collaborating and negotiating are all part of the fun! 

The world of pretend is a magical place where kids' imaginations come to life and spark dreams that can often fuel future ambitions. Whether it's riding a rocket ship to Mars, making a major medical breakthrough or discovering an archeological wonder, your child's capacity for creativity truly comes into play when left to their own devices.   Read More

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Negotiating Smarts 
Save money everywhere!
Written by Malia Jacobson

Why should you take the time to try and wrangle a better deal on that new fridge? Because a lot is at stake, says Ellie Kay, author of The 60-Minute Financial Workout. In today's economy, no one can afford to throw money away, particularly parents with growing kids and rising expenses. "Paying less for purchases gives you more money to do things like paying down credit card debt, putting money aside for retirement and funding your kids' college," she says. And according to Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Makeover, confident negotiators can save on everything - even pizza delivery! From car repairs to toaster ovens and clothing to groceries, you can buy what you need and save thousands in the process, if you're willing to ask. Keep the following tactics in your pocket, and you'll never be far from your next great deal.   Read More
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Big-Box Stores, Malls or Online Shopping? Best Values Revealed!
Written by Beryl Meyer

"Price is usually the biggest factor when choosing where to shop. But today, with everyone feeling the economic pinch, retailers are vying for your business and will do anything to get you through the door," says writer Angela Daidone, who has produced pieces on personal finance for online publications including Investopedia.com. With more shopping choices than ever, consumers could literally spend hours researching where to find the best deals. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the options and you can save both time and money.

Big-Box Stores Members-only warehouse stores or big-box chains are reliable for offering deep discounts - often hundreds of dollars - on big-ticket items like furniture, TVs and electronics and appliances. Not in the market for costly cart-away merchandise? You can find considerable savings on smaller buy-in-bulk items, like paper towels, disposable diapers and canned goods. Just remember that buying in bulk isn't always a bargain, especially when you don't have a houseful of kids or ample storage space.   Read More

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Talk Your Kids Happy!
10 easy ways to do it
Written by Beryl Meyer

Words have tremendous power, and our messages can affect our children even more than we realize. Paul Axtell, author of Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids, shares the positive statements that can bolster a child's ego and instill a profound sense of security.
  1. I like you. "This is a different statement from 'I love you,'" says Axtell. "This... says 'I like who you are as a person.'" He encourages parents to use them both.
  2. You're a fast learner. Young children love learning and they're good at it. Encouraging that desire early on impacts how they'll feel about learning later on in life, emphasizes Axtell, when it can become more of a challenge. Read More
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