Action Alert!
Please Call/Email Legislators Today!

With less than two weeks of the legislative session left, we are running out of time to move HB 5415 AN ACT CONCERNING THE COLLECTION AND USAGE OF HEALTH EQUITY DATA to the House floor for discussion and passage. 

We need your help! Legislators have heard from those opposed to
HB 5415 but we need them to know that there are people who support this legislation to advance health equity.

Please take 5 minutes to call the legislators below to ask them to move forward and vote in favor of HB 5415.

Here is a simple phone script you can use:

Hello, my name is ______________ and I am calling to ask you to move forward and vote in favor of HB 5415 AN ACT CONCERNING THE COLLECTION AND USAGE OF HEALTH EQUITY DATA which promotes creating standards for the collection, use, and management of health equity data.  As a resident of ____________ I believe that health equity data, which includes race, ethnicity and primary language, provides an opportunity to improve health outcomes for Connecticut’s residents. Please support HB 5415 which helps us end health disparities and advance health equity in our state. Thank you!

House Leadership:

Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (Speaker of the House) 

Rep. Matt Ritter (House Majority Leader) 

Rep. Themis Klarides(R-Minority Leader) 

Rep. Vincent Candelora(R-Deputy Minority Leader) 

Key Legislators:

Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (Public Health Co-Chair)

Senator Terry Gerratana (Public Health Co-Chair)

Representative William Tong

Senator George Logan (Public Health Vice Chair)

Representative Dr. William Petit (Public Health Member)

Representative Dr. Prasad Srinivasan (Public Health Member)

Click here  for your State Senators' and Representatives' contact information.

To learn more about HB 5415 you can find our fact sheet here .

If you would like to send an email , please find additional advocacy resources here .

Please contact Cindy Dubuque at with any questions or to relay updates from your conversations with legislators or legislative aides.

Thank you for your support.
We could not advance health equity without you!
Health Equity Solutions
Hartford, CT 06106