November 2021

We hope you're enjoying the fall, despite the increased annoyance of gas-powered leaf blowers. We endeavor to send a monthly newsletter to our thousand-plus Quiet Clean PDX subscribers. Here’s an update on some of the latest developments in the QCPDX campaign.
The movement is growing to eliminate not just gas-powered leaf blowers, but all noisy and polluting tools that harm workers, the public, and our climate. The website has numerous articles in a variety of local and national media that demonstrate the growth of this national campaign. The New York Times alone has published three commentaries this past month, including a recent favorite entitled “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Leaf Blowers” (with props to William Shakespeare for his line in Henry IV). 

Great news from California that boosts our campaign to eliminate gas leaf blowers! Recently signed by Governor Newsom, Assembly Bill 1346 requires that the California State Air Resources Board shall “adopt cost-effective and technologically feasible regulations to prohibit engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from new small off-road engines [SOREs]…produced on or after January 1, 2024.” There are hundreds of millions of SOREs in America, and Global Marketing Insights tells us that “Small Off-road Engine Market size valued at USD 55.6 billion in 2020 will grow at 5.9% from 2021 to 2027. Rising indulgence in landscaping and gardening activities will largely drive the market growth.”

Nationally, we have been in communication with Congressman Earl Blumenauer with a request for bold and prompt national action following California’s lead to eliminate SORE’s nationwide. A member of Rep. Blumenauer’s staff has been helpful in contacting the EPA with inquiries about allowing the “zero-emissions standard” set in California’s AB 1346 to apply to all state and local government emissions regulations. We will keep you posted on those discussions.

Colleagues in SE Portland’s Eastmoreland neighborhood have asked for QCPDX support for their plans to approve American Green Zone Alliance certification for Reed College Place, a mile-long parkway with over 250 trees. We have attended recent Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association Board meetings and have been in discussion regarding QCPDX’s role in making this a Green Zone pilot project that demonstrates the benefits of transitioning to electric-powered grounds maintenance equipment.

On the Multnomah County legislative front, we have now had briefing sessions with all five members of the  Board of Commissioners. Our goal is to have the commissioners approve a resolution to eliminate gas leaf blowers (and maybe all SOREs) countywide. We have been in discussion with the County for several years now, and it’s time for your help. Please take three minutes right now to email the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners and tell them to pass a resolution to eliminate gas leaf blowers countywide. Multnomah County’s visionary action will be essential in countering our climate crisis, and protecting the health of the public…and especially the workers who operate them who are most impacted by the use of gas leaf blowers.

Please email the Multnomah County Commission:

Please take just a few minutes right now to email the Multnomah County Commission.

Let them know you support our efforts. Encourage them to pass the pending resolution to eliminate gas leaf blowers countywide and thank them for their support. Multnomah County’s visionary action is essential in countering our climate crisis, and in protecting the health of the public…especially the workers who are most impacted by gas leaf blower use. Above are the email addresses of our hard-working Multnomah County Commissioners: Sharon Meieran, Susheela Jayapal, Lori Stegmann, Jessica Vega Pederson, and County Chair Deborah Kafoury. You can put them in the To: line and send your email to all of them at once!

The QCPDX team is grateful for your continuing interest in creating a quieter, cleaner, and healthier world. We need your help today in making Multnomah County a national leader in bringing about that positive change.

Thank you from your Quiet Clean PDX Steering Committee.

Albert Kaufman, Brian Stewart, Judy Walton, Michael Hall, Stan Penkin, Susan Mates, and Tamara Olcott

PS - come join our active Facebook Group for more conversation and regular actions you can take.
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"Yard sign spotted in SW Portland. Awaiting response." 
Popular models of gas leaf blowers are 100+ decibels at the ear of the operator. At this level, 14 minutes can cause hearing damage. 
Please download these and share them. Or, print some up and hand them out!