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Bonnie's Blog
Advocate-  "One that supports or promotes the interests of another."
Please do not ignore this!!
What happens if you or a loved one goes into the hospital for a routine procedure, falls ill, or has an accident and needs to be hospitalized? Without an advocate , the patient could be at a tremendous disadvantage. Read more...

10 Reasons to get a Dog past age 5 0...  Known for their devotion and happy dances, dogs can take a big bite out of isolation. Just hanging out with a furry friend, studies show, has a revitalizing effect. Here are the 10 benefits for being a dog owner later in life. Read More...
Juggling responsibilities and helping elderly parents. Lifestyle, paying bills and saving for retirement is hard enough. BUT over half of Americans over the age of 55 expect to provide support to aging relatives   or their adult children. Read More...
Health and Wellness
Putting A Name To A Face. As you get older, you might find yourself worried that your so-called "senior moments" could be more than just forgetfulness. A misplaced set of keys here, a forgotten doctor's appointment there. Read More...
Home and Design
11 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home...A good remodel should do more than increase the value of your home — it should increase the value of your life. While some mistakes will only set you back some pocket change, several blunders could generate thousands of dollars in waste.  Read more...
Senior Matters
An Inside Look at Sundowning
“I Want to Go Home". Mary starts to wring her hands as the room becomes dim. Something feels strange. She senses a change in the environment. It becomes darker outside and her anxiety starts to rise. 
Recipe Corner
Little Quinoa Patties ...Be creative! Quinoa works well with a wide variety of spices, herbs, pine nuts, as well as onions and other vegetables. Add to it a great dressing and you have yourself a healthy, tasty meal, packed with protein!
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