October 2019
WSFCCA Newsletter
Fall 2019 Edition
A Word From The President, Carol Gibbs "I Like Fall Most of All"
For me Fall is a time of new beginnings. Back to school, with all that it entails. New pencils, notebooks and backpacks gathered in the shopping cart. I remember always getting a new pair of shoes for the first big day of a new school year! It is a signal that summer is over and the school year begins.

I still have a sense of new beginnings each Fall. This Fall I begin my two-year term as WSFCCA President. I have always valued our association. This association gives us an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals. We are all in this together, even though it feels as though we work in isolation in our homes. It is so important for self-care to take opportunities to gather together for a time of renewal. Our latest conference offered just that. I found myself in a room of well over 200 professionals who gathered for trainings and renewal for a new school year. Our featured speaker, Jeff Johnson, was AMAZING! He reminded us of why we do what we do. His stories made me laugh and some even brought a tear to my eye.

There are a lot of changes in the realigned WAC. We are striving to be thought of as professionals in our field. With that, comes responsibility as the bar has been raised. This last year there have been numerous opportunities for “deep dives” and training events about the WAC roll out. I am hopeful that you took advantage of the opportunity to learn the added expectations of our business. Many of the trainings and information is available on the new DCYF website. Take the opportunity to explore the website. A link to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) will be provided in this newsletter. It is located on the DCYF website.

When I opened my Child Care, I vaguely recall the regulations given to me were around eight pages held together with a staple. My, how times have changed! I recently set on the NRM (negotiated rule making) to realign the WAC. Now we find the regulations in a binder and closer to 200 pages. But what hasn’t changed over the years? Everything is always changing and evolving. The same holds true with our business as “Licensed Family Child Care Providers.” Child Care has moved from baby sitting to daycare, to childcare, to Child Care, to currently being recognized as a viable profession known as “Early Childhood Education” (ECE) This is a progressive world we live in. In order to remain a viable business things will change. The bar will be raised. There are more expectations. If we want to keep a competitive, thriving business we need to change as well. Knowledge is one of our greatest resources.  

We all know that there is power in numbers. Our association is no different. The larger our association is, the louder the voice we have. It is important for us to band together in our local WSFCCA chapter in order to be a louder voice throughout the entire state of Washington. 

Carol Gibbs, WSFCCA President

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Introducing the New WSFCCA Board of Directors
It is with great pleasure that WSFCCCA introduces our new Board of Directors. Elections were held and votes were counted on September 14, 2020. Each new officer took over their new position at that time. President Carol Gibbs, Vice President Roberta Wright, Secretary Rita Frickelton and Treasurer Wendy Avery have introduced themselves below.
Carol Gibbs, WSFCCA President
December 2019 will mark my 30 th year of being a Licensed Family Child Care Provider.

I opened my Child Care in 1989 as a means of being at home with my two small sons, ages two and five. As they grew up I found this chosen career to offer me flexibility in living my life. While my husband worked out of the house I was able to be home and care for my family as well as contribute financially. My husband began having health issues and I was able to care for him and still provide an income for our family. Even after his death in December 1996, I found myself continuing to do Child Care. Being a single parent I really needed to be accessible and available to my children. As time went on I found myself caring for my aging parents. Yes, we are all part of that circle of life! 

Ten years ago I was asked to be the founding president of EKCFCCA (East King Association). Until then providers in Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland (East side of Lake WA) drove to Seattle, and were members of NKCFCCA (North King Chapter). Rita Frickelton and Wendy Avery were also founding members of EKCFCCA. Wendy served as the founding treasurer.  

When Early Achievers rolled out I did not initially sign up. My life was too busy. I was already taking college courses and I could not see adding one more thing to my plate. As time passed and I had more time available, I opted to join EA and take advantage of the scholarship option to pay for my college tuition. I have really learned a lot through my class work and EA experiences . “You don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know!” Looking back I view the starting of my “daycare” as putting the cart before the horse. I learned through trial and error. What worked I continued to do. If it didn’t work I stopped doing it. While taking ECE courses I discovered why some of the things I did worked and why some of the things I had tried didn’t work. Knowledge is empowering.
In June of 2018 I walked in Commencement exercise at Bellevue College to receive my Associates of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education  Forty years after I graduated from High School! Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!  

Did I mention I have three grandsons? Asher 8, Lincoln 5, and Beckham 3. Well, I do and they are all moving to Europe this Fall with my son Aaron and Megan my daughter in law. What an exciting opportunity for their family to grow up and learn the culture and language in a different country. How sad for me that they will be so far away. I will miss them dearly. Fortunately I will have the loving children in my Child Care to snuggle and spend my days with. 

So, remember about timing? Well, the timing is right for me to add yet another activity to my life. This Fall I have joined a cohort of providers from EKCFCCA and we are pursuing our Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. Rita Frickelton is a member of the same cohort! One step at a time! 

This week was our first week of class. I had one of the instructors make an interesting observation. She said that she has had her degree for years and will still be paying for it for years! She envied the opportunity for EA grant recipients to get their education PAID IN FULL BY THE STATE OF WA! Wow, that really made me appreciate the opportunity that Early Achievers has afforded me. I will be the first one to say that college courses are not the route for all to take. There are other options to explore. It is however an option that is available to you if you choose to do the work. 

I am honored that I was elected President of WSFCCA. My goal is to be a voice that represents ALL providers across our state. Please join with me in being a part of that voice!

Carol Gibbs
President WSFCCA
“Family Child Care is where our heart is”
Roberta Wright, WSFCCA Vice President
I have a great interest in family home childcare and the groups that help me to network and expand my knowledge base. WSFCCA and Pierce County Family Child Care Association both fit the bill. I so enjoy my friendships I have made with fellow family child care providers. Through my association with other providers I have learned a lot on how to make my business life easier, the developmental needs of my young charges, how to cope with the demands of an exhausting business, and currently how to work with the new WACs. This association has helped me to expand my horizons, energizing me and making me feel more accomplished.

I have been a licensed family childcare provider for 41 years and I know that I wouldn’t have stayed in this business without the encouragement and my involvement with other providers through WSFCCA & PCFCCA. Thank you for voting me in for another term.  
Rita Frickelton, WSFCCA Secretary
My name is Rita Frickelton and the owner/operator of Giggle Box Daycare in Kirkland since December 1998. Childcare is the profession that I saw myself doing when I was 12 years old while babysitting the neighbor’s kids. Caring for children is and always has been my passion.

I started attending association meetings with the North King County Chapter in Seattle. When the East King County Family Child Care Chapter opened in Bellevue I started going to their meetings where eventually I became President. I held that office for 2 terms. I enjoy going to the meetings where the people there are doing the same things that I am doing and may have advice for a certain challenge that I had not thought of. I love being able to talk to and network with others in this field. There is always a lot of experience in the room at these meetings.

In 2008 I graduated from Lake Washington Technical College with my AAS and am just beginning classes for my BAS. In our ever-changing profession you can never learn to much.
Wendy Avery, WSFCCA Treasurer
I am excited to now hold the position of Treasurer for WSFCCA. I want to give back to a valuable organization that has provided networking, support, lifelong friendships and professional growth for me.
I have been providing childcare for over 16 years. My love for nurturing and teaching young children has been a lifelong passion and grows continually each day. To learn more about my childcare go to my website childcarebywendy.com. In 2009 I went back to school and earned my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am currently a two-time Early Achiever and was rated a three each time.
September 14, 2019 WSFCCA Conference Highlights
Featured Speaker Jeff Johnson, Explorations Early Learning
The Secret Life of Materials Presented by Allie Bishop-Pasquie r


DATE: OCTOBER 10, 2020
12401 SE 320th St, Auburn, WA 98092

Information will be posted shortly on our website.

Chapter Events - What Are Other Chapters Doing?
. FCCAPC: Family Child Care Association of Pierce County

Membership Meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month 6:00 PM

  • October 9th: Welcome back, a hands on project not yet determined. Fire Extinguishers are serviced for a small fee by Basic Fire. Start of Christmas wreath sales.
  • November 13th: Jenny Nybo from the Health Department will speak on current health concerns. Christmas wreaths will be at meeting for distribution. Food and coat drive.
  • December: Enjoy your families (no meeting) Christmas board function
  • January 8th: Engaging Story time by Pierce County Librarian
  • January 25th: CPR/First Aid and HIV Training (cost $35.00) 9:00 AM to Noon
  • February 12th: Sensory Excitement with Diana Stone, Bates Instructor
  • March 11th: Cook to Learn KTPC speaker
  • April 8th: Providers Appreciation Night put on by FCCAPC board
  • May 16th: Tour of Homes
  • May 30th: Board Planning meeting for next year at LaQuinta. All are welcome.
  • No meetings December, June, July, August, September.
Board meetings are held the fourth Monday 6:30 of every month at the Bates Resource Room. 

NSCCCA: North Snohomish County Chapter is under the care of new Co-presidents, Michele (Shelly) Willis and Luz Torres. We are looking forward to benefiting from their years of child care experience and their commitment to educating and supporting the providers In NSCCA. I am sure they will do a great job. We will meet the 3 rd Wednesday of each month and provide stars hours and WAC information as we plan our year. 
Thank you
Mickey McDonald
For more information: Mickey_kidtime@msn.com

SSCFCCA: South Snohomish County Chapte r just had its Tour of Homes on September 7, 2019. We had 37 participants who all received 7 hours of STARS Training. We are holding our monthly meetings the first Monday of each month except January, June, July, and August. We have a STARS trainer who comes in and does a monthly training at each meeting. She is Cheryl Iverson. At our first meeting of the year we all talk about what we want to learn for the year and Cheryl sets up the meetings for us according to what the group has chosen for the year. We have the meeting at a different providers house each month so we can visit different environments. You can reach us at 206 714-6443 or bonniesenter@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining us. Tuition is free for Members and their assistants. Non-members cost is $20.
Bonnie Senter, Secretary SSCFCCA.

CRFCCA: Columbia River Family Child Care Association - Vancouver Chapter will be presenting trainings in 2020 that align with DCYF and WAC requirements. Our Board is still in the planning phase of our two 5 STARS training series class (10 STARS) which will satisfy WAC 1110-300-0107 (b) for the next 36 months. We will also host a Tour of Homes,CPR/First Aid training. Calendar of future event dates will be announced.
Robin Hefely, CRFCCA President
Tekla Frederick, STARS Training Coordinator

EKCFCCA: East King County Family Child Care Chapter 2019 - 2020 CALENDAR . We will have monthly STARS for 6 meetings total of 12 STARS. At EKCFCCA we support each other and learn together. Meeting place: St Luke's Lutheran Church, 3030 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. For detailed information please visit our website: www.ekcfcca.org
WSFCCA Membership Renewal REMINDER
REMINDER - WSFCCA memberships expire on October 1, 2019. If you have not sent in your membership renewal please either go to our website and fill out and pay for your membership or go HERE to mail in your membership registration. Contact Wendy Avery wkavery@comcast.net or your chapter president if you have any questions. Take advantage of Child Care Accidental Medical Insurance when you register. The cost per year for this invaluable insurance is only $50.00.
Education Requirements and Equivalencies for Early Learning Professionals
Letter from Ross Hunter, Secretary DCYF to the Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington regarding the Educational Requirement and Equivalencies for Early Learning Professionals.

Useful Links from Jeni Zaffram, DCYF
Amendment to WAC 110-300-0291 Infant Safe Sleep Practices
Infant safe sleep practices

(1) An early learning provider must follow safe infant sleep practices when infants are napping or sleeping by following the current standard of American Academy of Pediatrics concerning safe sleep practices including SIDS/SUIDS risk reduction, including:
(a) Actively supervising infants by visibly checking every fifteen minutes and being within sight and hearing range, including when an infant goes to sleep, is sleeping, or is waking up;
(b) Placing an infant to sleep on his or her back or following the current standard of American Academy of Pediatrics. If an infant turns over while sleeping, the provider must return the infant to his or her back until the infant is able to independently roll from back to front and front to back;
(c) Not using a sleep positioning device unless directed to do so by an infant's health care provider. The directive must be in writing and kept in the infant's file;
(d) Sufficiently lighting the room in which the infant is sleeping to observe skin color;
(e) Monitoring breathing patterns of an infant;
(f) Allowing infants to follow their own sleep patterns;
(g) Not allowing blankets, stuffed toys, pillows, crib bumpers, and similar items inside a crib, bassinet, or other equipment if occupied by a resting or sleeping infant;
(h) Not allowing a blanket or any other item to cover or drape over an occupied crib, bassinet, or other equipment where infants commonly sleep;
(i) Not allowing bedding or clothing to cover any portion of an infant's head or face while sleeping, and readjusting these items when necessary; and
(j) Preventing infants from getting too warm while sleeping, which may be exhibited by indicators that include, but are not limited to, sweating; flushed, pale, or hot and dry skin, warm to the touch; a sudden rise in temperature; vomiting; refusing to drink, a depressed fontanelle; or irritability.

(2) An early learning provider who receives notice of a safe sleep violation must:
(a) Post the notice in the licensed space for two weeks or until the violation is corrected, whichever is longer, pursuant to WAC 110-300-0505; and
(b) Within five business days of receiving notice of the violation, provide all parents and guardians of enrolled children with:
(i) A letter describing the safe sleep violation; and
(ii) Written information on safe sleep practices for infants.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.250 and 43.216.255. WSR 19-14-076, § 110-300-0291, filed 7/1/19, effective 8/1/19. WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-300-0291, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.020, 43.215.060, 43.215.070, and 43.215.201. WSR 17-10-033, § 170-300-0291, filed 4/26/17, effective 5/27/17.

Lets Get Mathematized by Roberta Wright
One of the new things EA will be looking at is how much you use math concepts “most of the day". Most of us do a lot of math naturally but its always fun to think up new ways. If you have any interest you are invited to join a new Face Book page that we are putting together via UW ECE steam trunk program. It's called Let's Get Mathematized! Come join us and help each other with ways to do "math most of the day"! ;-) We would appreciate your input.
WSFCCA Board of Directors Meeting
Please join us at our next WSFCCA Board of Directors Meeting on November 2, 2019 at 9 AM. The meeting will be held at the home of WSFCCA Vice President, Roberta Wright - 4420 Alameda Ave, University Place, WA 98466. Lunch will be delivered so you may either pay for your meal or pack a lunch. We welcome all to join us and get involved or just stop by and say hello!

RSVP: Wendy Avery, email - wkavery@comcast.net