Clean water for God's thirsty children
Village by Village...

 That's how we fight cholera in Haiti.

Thanks to you, since we began the Village by Village program in November of 2017, more than 27,000 Water Women have been trained in the use of Sawyer PointONE filters and are providing clean water to their own and three other families.

That means more than 100,000 families are drinking clean water, eating healthier meals, and watching their children grow stronger each day.
A Heart for Haiti
Gerry Delaquis is the Water With Blessings Coordinator for Haiti. He has seen the challenges first-hand, helped train Water Women in the use of their new filters, and rejoiced with the people as they purify, then drink the clean water.

But one meeting in particular has stayed on his mind. Please watch this video as he tells the story.
Gerry's story is only one of the thousands we could report to you. And our work continues across Haiti, even into the most remote parts of the country, as you will read below...
Our Next Steps...
We are now moving into a remote, underserved area in the extreme northwestern portion of Haiti: Anse A Foleur. Our goal is to train 1,830 new Water Women who will provide clean water for nearly 7,500 households.

In addition to the regular challenges we encounter, it will take us 8 hours over rough roads to travel the 173 miles. This adds to our costs, but there is a terrible need -- because it is so remote, there is almost no mission activity in the area.

But at Water With Blessings , with your generous help, we are able to take on the hard cases.

Completing these first steps in Anse A Foleur will cost nearly $140,000. But how can we not make this investment when parasite-ridden water is their only option?

Please help us change the lives of the families in Anse A Foleur.
A Partnership of Prayer
Each Water With Blessings filter symbolizes a relationship : between the woman who uses it to provide clean water for her own and three other families, and you , the person whose generous gift made it possible.

You aren't just someone who wrote a check. She isn't just someone who needs help. There is solidarity between the two of you, a partnership in making a life-changing difference for these families.

During their training, Water Women are told of their collaborators and asked to pray for them. When we return to the areas, we find they are still praying for you.

So let us all continue to pray for one another as this life-saving work continues...

And that other generous people will follow in your path.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?