Issue #183, April 2020
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Please Don't Post Signs on Poles
Please do not hang anything on utility poles. 
We know it can be tempting to hang signs or other items on utility poles, but staples, nails, and tacks used to hang signs and fliers create dangerous obstacles for our linemen. 
Their jobs are dangerous enough - please help us keep them safe.

Slow Down, Move Over for Line Crews

When you see our crews working along the side of the road, please slow down or more over. 

It will help keep our linemen safe. And, in Oregon, it's the law. 

Thank you for helping keep our crews safe. 

Check for Savings Before Your Next Home Project

Before starting your next home improvement project, check with our Energy Experts first.

We have several rebates available for customers who heat their homes with electricity. 

Please Plant Trees Away from Power Lines

Trees that are too close to power lines can cause interruptions in service and put people in danger.

Storms bring down trees and limbs onto power lines, which can cause outages and create hazardous conditions like fires. Even in good weather, a tree growing too close to power lines can endanger lives.

You can help by planting trees more than 30 feet away from power lines.

Keep Yourself Safe from Scam Attempts

Be on the lookout for scam artists posing as Columbia River PUD employees. 

Scammers often threaten to cut off your power unless you make an immediate payment. We will always make multiple attempts to contact you before your power is disconnected.

Please keep yourself safe from scam attempts by following these guidelines.

Hydropower Supports Other Clean Energy

The amount of power entering the electric grid must always equal the amount of power being consumed. 

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are variable and tough to predict.

Because hydroelectric dams can dispatch power to the grid instantly, they provide essential backup power.

So when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, grid operators can increase the amount of hydropower entering the grid to keep the system stable.

COVID-19 Office Closure Updates

Please visit our website for the latest on how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did You Know?

We are governed by a Board of Directors who live in our service territory and are elected by PUD customers who live within our political boundary.

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