The first week of pre-class meditation has gone really well. Many thanks to those who joined me -- whether for the full half hour or just for a few minutes. I've reminded myself again and again throughout the week that no time spent in stillness is ever wasted. Meditation before my online classes will continue through the end of the month.

I'm excited to extend an important invitation to our entire community. At mid-day on Wednesday (January 20) Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take the oath of office, becoming the official, elected leaders of our country. The path leading to this moment has been filled with disappointment, frustration, anger and violence. The path ahead will not be an easy one.

During the hour preceding Wednesday's inauguration (10:30-11:30), our community will sit together in silence. We will meditate. We will unite the energy of our stillness for the purposes of encouraging peace for ALL people, inviting harmony to take the place of discord and praying for wisdom, discernment, groundedness and resilience for ALL leaders ... local, state, national, world.

The link for this time of meditation appears below and will be on the Yoga for Life website on Wednesday. Please join us.