This Sunday is the Twin Cities Marathon!
The marathon may disrupt your usual 
route to church. Plan ahead to allow for extra time.
Save These Dates!

October 7 - Blessing of the Animals @ 6pm in the Sanctuary

October 14 - UMW & Bible Sunday

October 14 - Parenting for LYFE @ 11:15 in the Social Hall

October 28 - Trunk-or-Treat @ 4pm in the East parking lot

November 10 - Carol and Cherub Choirs begin practicing @ 9:15am in the Border Chapel

November 18 - Best Media Practices for Kids, Preteens, and Families @ 6:30 in the Art Gallery

December 1 - Family Advent Kick-off @ 10am-1pm in the Social Hall

Snap Shot
Whirl - Team Blue, Purple & Green
 Last Week (9/30)
Abraham and Sarah

This Wee k (10/7) 
Rebekah & Isaac

Next Week (10/14)   Jacob
Connect - Team Orange 
Last Week (9/30)  Suffering

This Week (10/7)  Flood

Next Week (10/14)  Tower of Babel

Re:form - Club 67 
Last Week (9/30)    
Why does the bible contradict itself sometimes?

This Week (10/7)  
Is the Old Testament more important than the New Testament?

Next Week (10/14) Why are there so many versions of the bible?

Blessing of the Animals
Mark your calendars for this special service of blessing for our fuzzy friends and fur covered children.  We will celebrate all of God's creatures in the Sanctuary on Sunday, October 7th at 6pm.


with Guest Speaker Dawn Rundman Ph.D. Developmental Psychology
Sunday, November 18th 
@ 6:30-7:45pm

How early should kids get their first tablet or mobile device?  How am I supposed to keep up with the latest apps my kids use? And what does technology have to do with faith?   If you're trying to keep up with the media landscape, this session is for you! Dawn will review current research and walk you through a process to assess how you and your family members can develop digital citizenship so you can develop a framework for deliberate, meaningful media usage informed by your faith. She'll share fresh ideas and usable tools throughout the session.
As our Hennepin community explores what it means to strengthen our Spiritual CORE (Centered, Open, Receptive, Engaged), we will post weekly thoughts on what it means to have a strong CORE as a family.

"Hands on, face-to-face ministry changes lives.  The grace of God flows from person to person through life-changing mission (p.106)"

Ministering to those on the fringes was a cornerstone of John Wesley's ministry and continues as a cornerstone of ministry at Hennepin.  Consider as a family the ways that you serve.  From packing UMCOR school kits, to serving at Community Meals, serving with parents as ushers, and serving communion in worship.  When we invite our young people into opportunities to serve, we invite them into a fuller, richer experience of being a Christian.  Happy Serving, Families!

Please let me know if your family will join us in the Traditional Worship Service at 10am to participate in this important milestone.   Our 3 years olds will receive the Desmond Tutu Story Bible, and our 3rd graders will receive the Deep Blue Bible from Cokesbury.   
You may RSVP to Lynne Carroll at .

Parenting for LYFE is an open, drop-in group that meets monthly to discuss all things parenting.  We welcome parents with children of all ages.  For this month, we will meet in the Social Hall at 11:15.  Grab some brunch, feed your kids, and then our awesome childcare helpers will be on-hand to lead fun crafts with your kids while parents have discussion time.

Sunday, October 14th @ 11:15am in the Social Hall
Reading Matters
Developing literacy skills starts long before our children are actually readers, and the positive effects are far-reaching.  Bring you favorite kids' book to share with the group.  It's Bible Sunday, so we'll also talk about how children's bibles affect kids' early understanding of their faith.

Trunk or Treat
New For This Year - "Costume Closet"

Do you have old costumes at home that no longer fit you or your kids?  Why not donate them for Trunk or Treat?  Along with trunks full of treats, the Youth Spooky Labs, Halloween crafts, hot cocoa, and face painting, we would like to offer a rack of costumes for our neighbors who may not have one of their own.  Just bring in your gently used, clean costumes, and leave them in the designated bin in the East Entry.  Our volunteers will hang them and be on-hand during Trunk-or-Treat to help our neighbors find a great costume to help them enjoy the fun!
3 Things to Celebrate When Raising a Fiercely Independent Child
Written by Jennifer Grant

When my daughter Isabel was little, we called her "Betty." Or, rather, she gave herself that name. Unable, as a toddler, to make the "L" sound properly, she adapted the nickname my husband and I gave her; "Bellie" became "Betty."
I'd kneel down to help her tie her shoes, and she'd push my hand away.

"Betty do it," she'd say.
Her expression grave, she'd then wind the laces around her fingers for a minute or so before letting them drop. As I tied them, she glanced away, ever saving face. When I tried to teach her to make her bed or zip up her coat or do any other chore that required more dexterity and strength than her little hands could muster, it was the same.

"Betty do it."

Clearly, she wasn't a clingy, sit-on-my-lap kind of child, and, perhaps not surprisingly, she learned to tie her shoes, go across the monkey bars, and ride a bike earlier than her siblings and many of her peers. She was determined to succeed on her own.
I admit, years ago, I did sometimes wish that "Betty" were less resistant to my help. Whether I was running late (and needed to zip that coat or tie those little sneakers in a hurry) or just wanted the pleasure of teaching her a new skill without opposition, life would have been easier if she had been more compliant. But, now that she's a young woman who sets (and meets) ambitious goals, clings to her convictions, and uses her strength to reach out to others, I wouldn't want her any 
other way.

What do most successful people (whether they excel at parenting, in the arts, in business, or in any other field) have in common? Persistence. And that toddler who wanted to try things on her own before letting an adult help her has proved to be persistent in her young adult life. If at first she doesn't succeed, she will try and try (and try) again. Struggling in a class? She goes to school early to ask for help from her teacher. Challenged by a difficult choral piece? She'll rehearse for hours until she gets it right. And on it goes.

A child more acquiescent and invested in "people pleasing" than Betty might let her parents-and, later, her peers-take the lead in shaping her convictions and choices...just to keep them happy. As a recovering people pleaser myself, too often I've sought extrinsic validation by agreeing to help, to listen, and to serve-even when that meant my own needs would go unmet. But a feistier person sets boundaries, has her own priorities, and is comfortable saying "no" to requests that could get her off track.

When she was little, I often told my husband that although there were unique challenges involved in raising a "strong-willed" child, I predicted that Betty would, "use her power for good." You see, from a very early age I saw her heart-whether she was marching across the playground to help another child, inviting the "new kid" over to play, or exhibiting compassion in a hundred other ways. As a current senior in high school, this continues: she is a committed volunteer to organizations she loves-many of which serve people who are too many times overlooked and underserved.

I joke that I can't keep up with her busy schedule, and she just smiles.
Perhaps she's thinking, "You don't need to...Betty'll do it."

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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8