Urgent Safety Notice: World ATM Congress 2019 Exhibitors
Important Safety Announcement Regarding
World ATM Congress
Greetings, Exhibitors,

IFEMA has updated its General Rules for Exhibitors, and they directy affect exhibitors at World ATM Congress 2019, so we want to make you aware of them. The new safety guidelines are linked here and can also be found in the Exhibitor Zone in the "Important Planning information/IFEMA Rules and Regulations" area. If you need your Exhibitor Zone password, please contact Sandra Strickland.

The change that most affects exhibitors is the new requirement mandating anyone in the Exhibition Hall during setup or teardown MUST be wearing a safety helmet, vest and steel toed shoes. We have listed details on this specific update below, though we recommend all exhibitors read the General Rules for Exhibitors in full to be informed of all current IFEMA rules.

If you have any questions on these updates, please do not hesitate to reach out - my email and phone number are listed below. We want all exhibitors to experience a safe and successful event and that begins with the safety of you and your team.

Best wishes and I will see you in Madrid!

Kenneth Carlisle, CMP, CEM
Director of Meetings & Expositions

Email: kenneth.carlisle@worldatmcongress.org | Phone: +1 703-299-2430 ext. 310
The Important Fine Print
Set-Up and Take-Down Safety Procedures: Use of Boots, Helmets, and Vests Now Mandatory

Due to an incident in the fall, IFEMA is strictly enforcing the use of protective helmets, high-visibility vests, and security footwear in the Exhibition Hall during set-up or take-down.


Here are the minimum instructions regarding individual protection equipment (IPE) during set-up and dismantle periods of trade fairs and events.

Effective immediately, as a preventative measure, and due to the concurrence of activities, the obligation to wear protective helmets, high-visibility vests, and security footwear during set-up and dismantle periods of trade fairs and exhibition areas, has been established.

In no case will access to the halls be allowed without the aforementioned individual protection equipment; this instruction affects any person accessing, passing through, working or merely being present, in exhibition halls, or outdoor exhibition areas during set-up and dismantle periods.

This instruction sets forth minimal conditions and does not exempt the use of other protective gear that may be required for the execution of specific tasks to be carried out during the above-mentioned set-up and dismantle periods.

If needed, IFEMA will have Helmets, Vests and Boots available for purchase at the Exhibitors Attention Desk.

Vests: 4,96 € without VAT/ 6€ with VAT*
Helmets: 6,61€ without VAT/ 8€ with VAT
Boots: 41,32 € without VAT/ 50€ with VAT
Option vest + helmet: 8,26€ without VAT / 9,99€ with VAT
*The 21% VAT only applies to Spanish companies/individuals.
19 JANUARY NEW: Exhibitor company descriptions will now only be available to visitors online (not in print). All print materials will guide visitors to the World ATM Congress website to learn more about exhibiting companies. Complete your exhibitor profile today to ensure visitors to the website and event know more about your organisation.

26 January Designs for custom space-only stands must be submitted for approval

31 January Discounted registration rates available until this date

11 February eBlast Reservation Deadline

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