Volume 6, March 2021
"Raise up our Banner Red & Blue on high!!"
Truly it is a blessed thing to love on earth as we hope to love in Heaven, and to begin that friendship here which is to endure for ever there.
St. Francis De Sales
Keep checking emails, PowerSchool, and school website for updates and information.

 Updates :

Schedule for next week:

Monday (4/5/21): Easter Monday - School Closed
Tuesday(4/6/21): Group B Day (A Virtual) - Schedule #1
Wednesday (4/7/21): Group A Day (B Virtual) - Schedule #3
Thursday (4/8/21): Group B Day (A Virtual) - Schedule #3
Friday (4/9/21) : Group A Day (B Virtual)- Schedule #1

Senior Class Picture: The Senior Class picture is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th, and Thursday, April 8th. Seniors who are virtual for the entire year will need to be on campus by 1:15 pm on Wednesday, April 7th. Teachers will be informed ahead of time so students are not marked absent. Seniors who are fully virtual will need to wear their school uniform (golf shirt, Judge sweater, pants, and shoes) that day. Fully virtual seniors will arrive at the main entrance to be scanned and sent down to the auditorium until the 8th period bell for dismissal. All seniors will then make their way over to the football field at Ramp for their scheduled picture day. Seniors who are fully virtual that can not make their scheduled picture day or will need to leave earlier from their house will need to contact Mr. Dailey tdailey@fatherjudge.com or Mr. Dougherty sdougherty@fatherjudge.com to inform them of these issues. All students will be required to wear masks and social distance. All seniors should try their best not to miss school on their scheduled picture day.

Wednesday April 7th Senior Picture for Group A & Fully Virtual Seniors 

Thursday April 8th Senior Picture for Group B Seniors

  1. Juniors: The Junior Class ring orders are now due. If you are ordering a class ring, the order must be sent to Jostens ASAP. If you are having any trouble placing your order, please call Jostens at 215-542-8170. Junior Ring Mass will be on Tuesday, May 25th at St. Matts. Doors open at 6:00 pm and Mass starts at 7:00 pm. A seating chart and programs will be available for families.
  2. Seniors: Senior Ring Mass will be taking place on Tuesday, May 4th at St. Matts. The doors will open at 6:00 pm and the Mass will start at 7:00 pm. A seating chart and program will be available for families.
  3. DAY OFF CARDS: In order to use your Day Off Card an email from your parent or guardian must be sent to Ms. Bertoline abertoline@fatherjudge.com . This email must be received at least by the day before you want to use the card. Your name, grade and student number must be included. No emails received the day of will be honored - you will be marked absent for the day. Students can not take off the day of a major test, quiz, project, or assignment. Teachers can deny their request.
  4. PowerSchool & Schoology: Any parent or student who has issues with PowerSchool or Schoology should contact Mr. Dougherty sdougherty@fatherjudge.com.

Mr. Shane Dougherty '09
Asst. Principal
Blessing Bags

Our Junior and Sophomore Theology classes collected items for blessing bags to send to firefighters and police officers. They wanted to thank them for their service and bravery. Well done Crusaders!
Crusaders Care

Our Senior and Freshmen Theology classes gathered items for care packages to send military recruits and nurses. Thanks to their hard work and generosity, almost 500 packages were donated!
Hope for Change

Teachers around the city have been receiving their vaccine shots. Here is Mr. Smith, Mr. Dailey, and Mr. Campellone showing each other some support during their scheduled shots. Mr. Smith even brought extra band aids for his friends. All smiles behind those masks!
Salesian Leader

We are proud to announce that Jr. Goaltender Colin McKee '22 has been selected by the ICSHL as a winner of the Union League "Good Citizenship Day" Award for displaying leadership, perseverance, scholarship, & good sportsmanship. Congrats Colin!
St. Patty's Day

Students had the opportunity to dress down for St. Patty's Day! Students who participated in the dress down day had the chance at trying their luck for some prizes. The luck of the Irish!
Father Judge Pocket History

Brother Jim Williams, OSFS '63 recently published a revised pocket history of our school. Copies are available for a suggested donation of $10 per book and all proceeds will support the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. For more information, contact Brother Jim at jwilliams@fatherjudge.com or 215-338-9494 x1125.
Crusader Cupboard

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Crusader Cupboard. We will be collecting items until the end of the year. If you would like to donate or possibly receive a box of food items please contact
Mr. Kevin Williams - kwilliams@fatherjudge.com.
FJ Green Team

Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs. Kern are sponsoring the FJHS Green Team. The main activity this year will be a display at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Annual Flower Show. This is the largest and oldest indoor flower show in the world. This year it will be held outdoors in climate controlled tents at FDR Park at the end of Broad St. in S. Philadelphia, and attendance will be limited.

Our display is one of four in the Windowsill Class. This particular class display runs for half of the show, and ours can be seen for the second half of the show, from June 9 to June 13. Each Windowsill entry will have 10 plants inspired by a naturalist, a biologist, or an environmentalist. Our display is inspired by a Salesian missionary from Italy who went to Ecuador in 1959. Father Angel Andreetta passed away in 2011, but left a lasting legacy with his love of nature. He inspired his students to help him collect, cultivate, and conserve the plants that he found in Ecuador. Many of these plants have been named after him, and the Salesians. This is a unique opportunity for students to earn their Christian Service hours, and a great way to strengthen our Salesian connections. Check out the picture below of our submission from last years event.
Model U.N.

Students enjoyed honing their skills in this practice debate! We are always looking for new members to join our clubs and activities. Contact Mr. Pegg if you would like to join.
Clubs for Crusaders

 The following activities/clubs are active
the 2020-2021 school year.

Green Team
Interested students should contact Mrs. Dwyer or Mrs. Kern
mdwyer@fatherjudge.com or skern@fatherjudge.com

JV & Varsity Mathlete
Interested students should contact Sister Nace knace@fatherjudge.com

Marine Biology
Interested Students should contact Ms. Kots

Model UN
Interested students should contact Mr. Pegg

National Honors Society
Interested students should contact Mrs. Dwyer mdwyer@fatherjudge.com

Interested students should contact Mr. Cantanno ccantanno@fatherjudge.com

Salesian Leadership Team
Interested students should contact Fr. DiMauro

World Cultures Club
Interested students should contact Mr. Garrett - jgarrett@fatherjudge.com

Interested students should contact Mr. Atkinson - catkinson@fatherjudge.com


Tutoring is now available after school Monday through Thursday in a virtual setting. Students need to complete a tutoring request form in order to be scheduled for any type of virtual tutoring whether lunch time or after school.

The link for tutoring is:

Free Music Lessons Online

Time is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. It is never too late to learn something new. Check out the link below for free music lessons.
Helpful Links for Teens

Here are different links for teen success. The first link is advice for teens on how to save money. The second link is easy exercises for teens. The third link is a YouTube channel with great advice for teens on how to complete everyday tasks from how to tie a tie, change a tire, cook, repair things around the house, iron a shirt and more! The Fourth link provides information on college forms and scholarships. The last two links are ideal jobs for teens and tips for job interviews.

National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is an educational campaign focusing on the significance of physical fitness as well as eating nourishing meals. Taking charge of your health contributes to overall well-being; as well as losing weight or staying at your ideal weight, which reduces risks of chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes. Here is a link to the nutrition toolkit. Nutrition Toolkit
Office of Student Services
Mr. Timothy Dailey-Dean of Students

Parents and Guardians,
Since we will be back to the hybrid schedule, please take steps to ensure that your student is logging on to his virtual classes, on time and remaining in those classes for the duration of the period. Students need to be present on Zoom. Teachers should not be looking at ceilings or walls. Students need to have their full face present on the screen the entire class period. Teachers will remove students from class and write them up if they are not physically present/visible on Zoom. Students should be at a location in the household where they can focus and participate in class. Students should not be in their beds for virtual learning.

Please note, if a student is scheduled to be in person learning and is not able to come to the building due to sickness or another reason please make sure you follow the absentee guidelines and call him out sick; students who are scheduled to be in person but sign in virtually will still be marked absent regardless of the reason. Students do not have the permission or ability to just decide to go virtual.

The administration understands that there may be connection or Wi-Fi issues throughout the day. However, that does not negate a student not being online for each of his classes; however, if there is an issue, the student must contact the teacher immediately to let them know there may be an issue. They are more than welcome to cc tdailey@fatherjudge.com on the email. However, that does not mean the student will not be marked absent because as stated before we have to account for every student in and out of the building.

In regards to connection issues, if a student is marked absent or receives an infraction for not being online virtually for one or more classes, it is his responsibility to contact the teacher, and then the teacher will contact Mr. Dailey if a change is warranted.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Student Services Offices. 

Mr. Dougherty's World History Class

Students worked in research teams to create presentations on the Enlightenment Period. One of the key pieces to the project was for teams to create their own invention that could be used in our world today. Teams created inventions like war-time robots, flying cars, flying lazy boy chair, flying shoes, universal recreation ball that shifts shapes, and the Go-kart Shoveler. #Creativity #Futuremillionaires
Mr. Fiocco's Engineering Class

Engineering students work on a solution to a problem that they are having with the Chemistry Lab. The drawers on the lab tables don't want to stay shut. Students need to propose a solution to the problem. The first thing they had to do was recreate the drawer in FreeCAD
The next thing they had to do was take one of their ideas and create it in FreeCAD. Whoever comes up with the most cost efficient and elegant solution, that is the one they would use to fix the drawer problem.

Father Judge is lucky to have alumni on staff representing almost every decade since the school has opened. Here is a throwback to Mr. Brian King, current President, and graduate from the class of 1997.
Mr. Jake Serfass, Athletic Director

Check out the article below on senior Aidan McShane.

For all Father Judge Athletic schedules please visit fatherjudgeathletics.com. All live links and schedules are posted daily on the Father Judge Athletic Twitter Account. Please follow us for up to date information at @FJAthletics.


Congratulations are in order to Nahseer Johnson '21!. Nahseer Johnson ‘21 has become our 2nd (after Marc Rodriguez ‘17) 1000 point scorer!
FJ Hockey Senior Night 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Forms were sent home for the Mother Son Communion Breakfast. The deadline for forms to be returned is May 15, 2021. We look forward to gathering as a school community for this special Mass.

Any questions contact

Mr. Shane Dougherty - sdougherty@fatherjudge.com
Mrs. Michele Purcell

SENIORS are reminded that if they are still unsure about their plans for after graduation, including submitting college or trade school applications, they are welcome to see Mrs. Purcell in the Guidance Office to discuss their options!

JUNIORS! Father Judge and St. Hubert are hosting their annual Junior Night on Wednesday April 14th from 7:00-9:00 pm. This will be a virtual event on zoom, and you will be sent a link prior to the event in order to attend. There will be a panel of speakers on hand to discuss topics such as Choosing a College or Trade School, The Application Process, What Admissions Officers Look for in an Application, and Two Year Schools as an Option. Admissions Officers from Holy Family, LaSalle, and Community College of Philadelphia will be speaking on these topics and answering questions on the Admissions Process in general. This is a great night for both students and parents so we hope to "see" you there!

There are two more Saturday SATs scheduled for the remainder of the school year. The dates are May 8th and June 5th and the deadlines to register are April 8th and May 6th respectively. You can go to www.collegeboard.org to register. A reminder that if your son was scheduled to take the SAT on March 24th, the plan is now for those students to take the SAT on the make-up day of April 13th. 

Junior Interviews are happening in the Guidance Office now! Juniors are encouraged to make an appointment either by stopping into the Guidance Office or emailing Mrs. Purcell at mpurcell@fatherjudge.com.

From The Social Worker

Autumn Donahue
School Social Worker at ext. 1111 or adonahue@fatherjudge.com

Caron Treatment Centers has provided Father Judge with the resources listed below for help with vaping, marijuana and substance abuse. These resources are online and free of charge! If you have any questions or concerns please contact Autumn Donahue.

Live Today Well Program

Director - Bro. Jim Williams
Rm. 212 Ext. 1125

1.Do Homework on Time

2.Attend Class

3.Be a Salesian Gentleman

DeSales Qualities
A. Respect Yourself and Others
B. Gentleness
                    FROM THE NURSE     
Norma J Walens 
Certified School Nurse
215-338-9494 ext 1116

Please feel free to contact the school nurse with any questions or concerns regarding your children. I'm available Monday thru Friday email at nwalens@fatherjudge.com.

Every student in grades 9 thru 12 should have a "STUDENT EMERGENCY/MEDICAL INFORMATION" form on file in the health room. This form provides the school crucial information on any health conditions your son may have. The form also requires emergency contact information should ANY health issues occur during the school day. This form needs to be completed at the beginning of every school year for every student. If you have not done so already, please download the form from the Father Judge website. The form can easily be emailed back to the school nurse at nwalens@father judge.com.
Should your son require any medication during the school day, it is necessary that your physician complete the necessary forms. The medication form is also located on the Father Judge website.

All students in the 9th and 11th grades are required to have a physical exam completed and on file in the health room. Thanks to the many families who have done so already.
11th grade students who are 16 and older should receive their 2nd Meningitis vaccine during their well child check up. Please send the updated vaccine information to the school nurse. Students are required, by law, to have the 2nd Meningitis vaccine upon entry to 12th grade.

Please help us keep our school community healthy by preventing the spread of germs. If your son experiences fever or diarrhea, they should remain at home for a period of 24 hours following the fever or diarrhea.
Encourage good health habits of adequate sleep, nutrition and hydration.
Please feel free to contact the school nurse with any questions concerning your children.
Salesian Spirituality

Fr. Joseph DiMauro, OSFS
Director, Salesian Spirituality
215-338-9494, ext.1148

Tuition Office

Mrs. Kathie Gibson
Tuition Officer/Financial Aid
215-338-9494, ext. 1107

Admission Office

Mr. Ryan Kilkenny, '97
Admissions Director
215-338-9494, ext. 1158

7th Grade Practice Test for Class of 2026
Thursday, April 15 or Sunday, April 18, 2021
Walk-ins will not be admitted. Registration is required at fatherjudge.com.

Academic Advantage Session for Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2026
Thursday, April 15 or Sunday, April 18, 2021
Walk-ins will not be admitted. Reservation is required at fatherjudge.com.

Open House #2 for the Class of 2026 on Thursday, April 8, 2021
Walk-ins will not be admitted. Registration is required at fatherjudge.com.

Specific questions?
Email Ryan Kilkenny, Director of Admissions, at rkilkenney@fatherjudge.com or 
Jen Corcoran, Admissions Assistant, at jcorcoran@fatherjudge.com

Be sure to visit our website at fatherjudge.com and click on the "Admissions" tab for updates and information.

Jen Corcoran
Office of Admissions
215-338-9494, ext 1158 
215-338-0250 (fax)