How to be a Warrior at Winter Warrior Half, Quarter or Relay Marathon!
Please Read So You Are Most Informed!
Winter Warrior
Half Marathon | Quarter Marathon | Relay
Saturday, January 8, 2022
Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
1000 East Henrietta Rd., Rochester, NY 14623
Easy Steps to a Successful Race!
Step 1: Go to Packet Pickup & Get Your Bib!

We highly advise going to packet pickup on Friday, January 7th to alleviate waiting on race day lines and reduce congregating. Others may get your packet for you.

Here are packet pickup details:
  • Friday, January 7th from 10am - 6:30pm at Fleet Feet ARMORY location:
  • ARMORY: 155 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14620
  • Others may get your packet for you!
  • Race Day, Saturday, January 8th, at the Monroe Community College Gymnasium from 8:45AM to 9:30AM. This is by the start/finish and parking. Reminder it is HIGHLY ADVISED to pickup on Friday at Fleet Feet as this is a very short period of time to do day of pickup.

Relay Teams: Your packets will be in one bag. When coming to packet pickup please have the captains name and team name. Please be sure to read this document on how the Relay's Work and making sure you do each loop and chip/bib passing correctly - CLICK HERE

Virtuals: Your packets will be available during packet pickup. This way you will have your medal ready for you. Otherwise they will be mailed to the address in your registration next week. You will receive an email Thursday AM and Saturday AM on how to submit results. Please be sure to submit your results by the date/time indicated as submissions do close.

Race Bib Details & Timing: Your timing chip is on the back of your bib you'll get at packet pickup. It is very important that the bib is worn visibly on the front torso of each participant. If you lose, forget or misplace your bib on race day, there is a $5.00 replacement fee. No chip, no time, no medal. Chips can not read through jackets, race belts, hydration belts nor human hand when you stop your watch, so please make sure the bib is on the front and visible.

Extra Race Purchases: If you purchased extra items in the Winter Warrior online store, we will have these items for you at packet pickup. Perhaps this can be the dry item you wear post race when cheering your fellow athletes.
Step 2: The Host Facility! Thank you Monroe Community College for having us back to where Winter Warrior began many moons ago. As gracious hosts please be mindful in keeping their property clean and orderly. Be sure to not litter. When inside the facility you MUST WEAR A MASK!! The restrooms will be open inside.
Step 3: Check your wardrobe & nutrition! Compared to some years the weather is currently looking no too bad. Upper 20s from start to finish. It is winter and you want to be smart and dress in layers. Stop into Fleet Feet and let the Outfitters, outfit you in proper base layers, midlayers, socks, accessories, hydration, nutrition, jackets and even footwear! Keep in mind our weather also functions as it chooses and should road conditions be poor be prepared with traction. Fleet Feet has a selection for you and can also provide studding services where we place the studs into the bottom of the shoe to help you feel more secure on snow or ice.
Step 4: Wear the Coveted Winter Warrior Hat!

Since the beginning this event has been known for its knit winter hat. It becomes the most worn hat of the winter and commemorates an incredible accomplishment! Being a Winter Warrior!
Step 5: Wear That Finishers Medallion Proudly!

All finishers get a finishers medal. When you finish we will be providing you a prepackaged post race food bag and bottle of water. In the bag you will find your medal. Wear that bling proudly, take pictures in front of the Winter Warrior Backdrop and hashtag #winterwarrior, #yellowjacketracing & #fleetfeet, wear it to post race dinner, or even all day the day after on Sunday

Relays: Your entire team must be finished in order to get the post race food bag and medal. You are welcome to finish together, BUT please recognize there are solo athletes around you so we ask that you allow room for any solo athletes to come through.

Be proud to be a Winter Warrior and wear that finisher gem!
Step 6: Thank a Volunteer!

Winter Warrior isn't just another half marathon, quarter marathon or relay. It has a mystique, a personality, a very vivid history and part of what makes this event what it is, are the volunteers. So thank ALL of them. On each lap too!
Step 7: Parking

Parking is available around the back of the school in Lot G an M. Please do not drive on the course to get in and out of your spot so we can keep the athletes safe from vehicles. Please do not park at Bill Grey's IcePlex. When entering and exiting the complex please exit going counterclockwise so you aren't on the same side as the course.
Step 8: Awards

There is no awards ceremony. The awards will be available starting Sunday, January 9th at Fleet Feet @ The Armory starting at 11AM. If you live in Buffalo we would be more than happy to transfer your award to Fleet Feet Buffalo next week, however you will need to send an email to [email protected] after the event that you would like this done. Awards are available only for two weeks. Awards are not mailed.
Step 9: Tips for the Course

Winter Warrior is a loop course. The Half Marathon is 4 loops. The Quarter Marathon is 2 loops. The 4 Person Relay is one loop per team member. All events start at 10AM. For the Half Marathon you must start your final loop by 12:30PM. The start and finish are in the same spot behind the building between the gymnasium and Lot G.

Please keep in mind that you will see athletes constantly, as you pass athletes and athletes pass you. Cheer and Support each other as you go!! Please use etiquette when passing, letting folks know which side you are passing on. As you come towards the Start/Finish area and need to continue on for more laps please stay left to continue onward. If you are finishing, then finish in the right side of the Start/Finish. Only come to the right if you are completely done with your event. There will be cones down the center to help partition this off. When you do finish please dart off to the right so you don't impede any athletes continuing onwards in the left lane.

Relays: Your exchange zone with your next athlete is just beyond this Start/Finish area on the right hand side. Please be sure to exchange your timing chip/belt at this zone only. The belt must be returned in the finish chute when complete. Please Read This Document So You are Most Informed

Water Stop: Please do not litter any where on course, but at water stop either. There is one water stop that you'll pass each lap.

Porto Pots: There are bathrooms available inside MCC prior to the race (Masks REQUIRED Inside the Building). When on course there will be 2 porto pots just beyond the Start/Finish on the right hand side in the parking lot. You will see these each loop.
Step 10: When you Finish

In the age of covid, things are done a little differently. Upon completion you will receive a post race pre packaged food bag with your medal inside along with a bottle of water. Be sure to go Right once you finish. If you go left, you may run into an athlete finishing other laps. Please be cognizant of your surroundings. Relay members for Legs 1-3, you'll need to wait for your final relay member to finish to get this bag. You can finish together as long as you allow room for other solo finishers to come through.
Step 11: Post Race Gear is Key

As soon as you cross the finish line go get dry clothes on, this is hugely important. Change everything and put on a big heavy jacket, boots and hat. Then hang out (with your medal on of course) and cheer the other athletes.
Step 12: Have Fun! Smile!

We are so excited to have Winter Warrior back and you get huge bragging rights for accomplishing this in the winter. Enjoy every step. Remain positive. Cheer and Support each other as you will also be each others spectators. Thank you so much for joining us!
Step 13: Go to Packet Pickup on Friday!

We look forward to seeing you Friday, January 7th between 10AM and 6:30PM for Packet Pickup at the Armory. You may pickup for others too. Be sure to ask Fleet Feet Staff to help you find any lucky items you may need for race day from socks, to gloves, hats, nutrition or perhaps the perfect winter pant, top or jacket!